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Face Pull and Rogue Row Technique?


Hi Paul and others,

I am doing the 531 Building a Bigger Yoke, so was interested in the recent article:

I do face pulls or band pull aparts nearly daily. I was taught to do face pulls with the cable starting at a low-sternum height. This results in a pulling upwards towards your face. I also do these seated at a row machine, and use the rope in place of the normal handles. Again, these start lower and are pulled upward towards my face.

How do these compare to the ones you do in the video, where you start high and finish high? Should I start doing the “forehead” pulls exclusively?

Last thing - I have already been doing the “rogue rows” as recommended by Wendler (as you credit in your article). What I’ve been doing is using the rope attachment and simply looping it under the barbell and doing the movement as you show it. I actually really like this more than a fixed handle. Any disadvantage to this?

Thanks for any help.


The way you’re describing there’s going to be a lot of internal rotation going on, and you don’t want that. I can get away with internal rotation…because I can. But I do advise most people against it.

But either way, facepulls, the cable should be in alignment with your…face. And to get external rotation while you’re doing it. Yes, you can do it lots of other ways but this is probably the best way because it will improve shoulder health by creating balance of external rotation work to internal rotation work.

If you like those, do them. The only thing I can see that would be a disadvantage is that your loading ceiling is going to be lower because with a fixed handle you can strap up better, ensuring a stronger “hold” on the apparatus.