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Face or Body?

Who are you more likely to go for as a potential partner: someone with a so-so face but a killer body, or someone with a lovely face but a somewhat sloppy body?

I’ve posed this question to a good number of my non-weightlifting friends, both male and female. I’m interested in seeing if the T-community has somewhat different preferences.

lovely face, so-so body. Body can change if you try. Face doesn’t.


Personally, give me a “butterface” (everything about her is hot, but her face) any day. If I’m really into someone, I can find beauty in her face, even if her face is so-so. I’ll start to associate her face, and her eyes, with the things about her personality I find attractive. On the other hand, if I’m in love with someone, but she’s fat, my feelings aren’t going to make her any less fat, and I’m still not going to want to see her naked. This has always been pretty much my stance, even before I really got into lifting.

For me personally, I know that I’ll never have a face that is considered beautiful by conventionaly standards. . .I don’t have the chin or the nose for it. And I don’t feel that reflects on myself negatively. However, I feel that my body is a product of the hard work and sweat I have put into it, and my eating choices, and in that sense it reflects on me positively. And so I would rather have a nice body than a nice face as well.

Women have faces?

Oh dang…

Unfortunately, so far, I’ve yet to feel enough emotional and physical attachment for someone who doesn’t have all the attributes goin for them. Plus, I’ve rarely seen someone with a great face have a sloppy body ( my definition of a great face is high definition, low fat…)

I may be shallow but I need the total package…

Thats for love anyways.

“The Beer Scale” changes things dramatically…unfortunately.

Face, because if her body sucks she can always work out. If she’s got an ugly face, no amount of working out can fix it.

Face (to start). A body, you can always work-out to a certain point. But a face, good luck (or hello Visa!). Ideally, take both. I have seen barmaid go very far with just a nice face (and personality) and no pornstar body. Neversaw the reverse yet (good body, bad face) that raked cash in in these settings.

(Unless you fall into the philosophy of a guy I wont name. He said who cares if her face is horrible and has a killer body -- put a brown paper bag on her head and do the deed. Worse, someone else invented the double paper bag technique. Same thing, except you also put a brown paper bag on your head in case the girls one fall out when things heat up. Crazy.)

Body over face every time.

Short of surgery, there’s nothing to be done if you’re ugly. But you can always change your body quite a bit. So a well-kept bod is a sign that the person respects herself, and that’s always a good thing.

total package.
why short change yourself? there are millions of beautiful women in the world, start meeting them

gotta go with body over face, for the reasons both Char and Bald Scholar already pointed out.


Whetu: Yep. Total package would be the best combo. Brains are sexy. Nice face is sexy. Killer body is sexy. Add them all up. Niiiiiiiiiice!

(Obviously, you cant expect to have Hollywood class babes if you are just a 5, but you are always winner if you take the max that you can get. At least you dont have regrets by aiming high and waiting patiently for the killer combo.)

Body. You shouldn’t see the face when you’re fucking her anyway.

I was wondering when someone was going to mention a woman’s mind.

It’s funny how the “sexiest” girls you’re likely to meet are also the deepest. A good mind can create everything else.

the question was body or face? a woman’s mind was not included. Let’s be honest, an overweight woman who does’nt have a particularily attractive face is never going to be seen as sexy no matter how emotionally and intellectually developed she is. Call me shallow, but I think most people would agree. I’m sure there are exceptions as in the case of a friend of mine who is a total chubby chaser, but for the most part physical appearance takes precidence over a developed mind.

I would like to add however, that a physically beautiful woman can become much less attractive within a very short time of opening her mouth depending on what comes out. Conversely an average or plain looking woman can become very sexy, very quickly for the same reason.

Jared aka Ignorant Slut (for the time being anyway): If I were new to this board and I read your reply, I would be very insulted.

Fortunately, I know you have a twisted sense of humor so you’re off the hook. But, I’ll be watching you.

I’m glad I didn’t stop reading there.