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Face Masks


Anyone work in the sun or rise motorcycles and use face masks? I am looking for a face mask more for sun protection but, after a few hours all the I have tried start hurting my nose either the tip or the bridge?

Anyone have any suggestions for good brands?


I fish in a facemask similar to this one.


I would find one with ventilation for breathing. No vents cause your shades to fog up.


I have some that are similar by BUFFUSA but, they also hurt. What brand are those?


Fight back against the cold!


here's how we do it on my block


Drinkin Straight Hennessey
Steady Reppin' East Tennessee


Not sure, I would check out a specialty fishing shop.


Salt Armour, I have several I use when riding my Harley.


For extended periods of time?

I was looking at these a couple weeks ago. I like their designs.


Depends upon what you call extended. But I have worn one up to an hour. They are kind of thin and stay pretty cool while riding.