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Face firming in 18 year old

Wattup all my fellow T-MAggers… hey listen I just turned 18 and I find that my face is still very soft and babylike! That goes for the rest of my body too … yahh I know it sounds really disgusting but what can I do about it? My face always appears bloated and makes me look fatter than I actually am. Any methods of bringing out facial muscles or any definition as to make me look more older/attractive? I’d appreciate any advice… also whenever I talk my cheeks jiggle… ahhah

Jaw lifts, nose squats, ear presses, etc…

I’ll resist all the good joke opportunities. I’ll assume that the rest of your body is fairly fit, and you have a baby face despite everything else. Well, actually, on that note, if the rest of your body isn’t fit, that’s a good place to start…

Seriously, though, if your face seems puffy while the rest of you is in decent shape, there might be some sort of mild allergy going on. It could be to milk, wheat, or another food, or it could be something enviromental. Do you display any other allergic symptoms, like to dust pollen pets or mold? Sometimes when I sleep and a dog or cat has been sleeping on my bed, the next morning my face will look REALLY fat, like double-chinned, puffy eyes, bloated cheeks, which will last for several hours after I wake up. You might want to consider some options – look at your diet, and remove one food item from it for a week or so. Some of the most common food allergies are wheat and milk, so if you follow this path start with one of those, then try cutting out the less common possibilities, like strawberries or peanuts. You might also want to buy something like benadryl cream or spray, and rub a small amount on your face twice a day, like before bed and in the morning, and see if that makes a difference. Last but not least, if losing more body fat and examining your diet doesn’t work out, consider seeing an allergy specialist.

Diet down to 5% bodyfat. You will lose that soft look and add 5 or so years to your appearance.

chew gum or suck a lot of dicks. Also, nothing’s better for getting that sunk-in jaw defining look than smoking crack… Eventually, you can suck dick for rocks and you’ll look great! Just watch out for the teeth. Sheesh!