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Face Exercise? Fact or Fiction?


Have any of you guys heard of this. Or tried this. What are your thoughts? It seems to make sense that it would have an effect but the people who market it seem to be con artists. here is one of the sites www.facebuilder.com


This is the lady who came up with the ridiculous idea.

Do you want to look like her?


No don't want to look like her lol. But there are many others
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isLJ024EdMA Jack Lalane the guy is still doing one arm levers and he's like 100 I trust his no nonsense advice. Its weird I hear people, aside from reviews on that site , say it worked for them but I barely hear about it but then I think I don't know many people who have heard of 5x5 or heavy low rep lifting and those work.


As a female, I'm worried about doing too much in the way of face exercises. I really don't want to get bulky and look like a man.


Just stick to higher reps, you'll get toned.