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Face Down, Ass Up


The best laugh I've ever had...hope you like it


An American Classic.


Luther Campbell is a pioneer.


Wow, I forgot about them. Funny stuff.


Haha, look at all the offended white people.


A classic, indeed. I actually have this in my Itunes library...


I was about to post saying " Where the hell was that? The Phil Donahue show?" and I looked to the right and that's exactly where it was from!


why is this considered talent? one phrase with juvenile rhymes...
I think they went away for a reason


I remember in 9th grade the high school had a talent show, one group of kids tried to do 'Get the Fuck outta my house'. It was so fucking funny, they got shut down after like 30 seconds, all the kids watching were laughing their asses off. It was awesome.

I don't remember if they got expelled, but they did get in a lot of trouble.


Now we need to get a booty mix going.


Another good one.


2 live crew has always been one of my favs! Funny ass video...

All the white people are like OMG!!




EPIC LOL, anyone catch the old ladies towards the end, awesome.