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Face Breaks Out From Lifting Heavy


Does this happen to anyone else?

For the past few months I've been getting this on almost every squad/deadlift day, and most chest/back days when using a 6RM or heavier.

I'm thinking it's blood vessels popping, but I didn't get this before.

It goes away after 1-2 days.

Could this be a sign of high blood pressure or something?


I think you're a freak.

OK, maybe you are for other reasons, but I'd never seen this face thing before. Does it hurt? Maybe you're over exerting yourself...

Anyway, I'm not a doctor, and I have no clue what I'm talking about. Throw Prof X a PM. I've heard he plays a doctor on T-Nation.

On the plus side, consider posting this pic in TC's ugly mug thread; you could have a winner...



Seriously though, are you on any AAS or prohormones?


Funny Miserere, I actually did consider posting the picture in the ugly face contest thread but we're supposed to post pics of near max effort lifts so maybe when I squat today I'll have a good one. I still have some of whatever it is on my face and I'm sure todays squats will make more.

Nope, I'm only using ZMA, creatine, Grow!, corn glucose with whey, and a multivitamin.

Only one of those red spots is actually a zit, in the middle of my forehead, but the rest aren't.

My forehead and around my eyes get real warm too.


Does your diet change on these days vs. regular lifting days (not heavy days) ? Just curious, maybe an allergy of some sort, does it happen anywhere else on your body?


My diet changes slightly on lifting days, but it's not any different on heavy days. The only difference on lifting vs. non-lifting days is added carbs from glucose and slightly more protein (pre and post-workout drinks).

I only get it on my face, and before yesterday, I was getting it more on my forehead and almost none around my eyes. Yesterday was definitley the worst yet, but I also made a few new PRs doing 5 sets of 5 in bench, T-bar rows, and dumbbell rows with all other exercizes the same as last week.

I'm also looking into 'petechiae' and since I started reading about it, I might actualy go and have a doctor look at it. Maybe it's just blood vessels popping from over exersion, or it could be worse I guess.


Corn glucose?

Maybe it's an allergy. Many people are allergic to various grains, corn, dairy, etc.


I probably should have told you what that was instead of using the medical term. Sorry.


Wow I use to get those too. But usally they would just occur after I didn't lift for a while and then started up again.


for some reason ive been getting them on my chest after working out latetly lol


Do you use chalk when you lift? This may be an allergic reaction to silica. The rash appears only from breathing in the dust.


I was thinking about the possibility of a food allergy, but I never get/got it on an arm only day, or when lifting with an 8RM or lighter, and I've been using the glucose with whey as a post-workout drink for a while whenever I can't afford Surge.


LOL, Yea, a quick search on yahoo made me thing I might be getting cancer!

Even though I'm not cancelling that out, I don't seem to have any other symptoms.

I take bad news well anyway.


No, unfortunatley it's not allowed in my gym.


I got that once from the dry heaves. For me is was definitely an exertion thing. Check your the whites of your eyes for blood as well.


i had something like this happen to me, but only onece....i was so much into that one set that the only way i can describe it is that i bruised my face:)...little vains were kindda marked on my face as well as the wrinkles my face face makes when i grimmace, they both left marks for a few days...

looking back i realised i was holding my breath and not breathing as i should have...


Yea, that's what I'm thinking. I'm probably not breathing right.

I did also get stuck a couple of times just before finishing a few reps of a couple sets, so I was holding my breath longer than usual.

I'll take this as punishment for breathing wrong; it sure beats passing out.

I'll still get my blood pressure checked by an actual doctor instead of those free BP machines out side of pharmacies.

I also gained quite a bit of weight in the last few months and I'm now heavier than I've ever been before (I finaly hit 190!).

You never know when you're clogging something until it's too late (same goes for the toilet, but that's already being talked about in another thread).


It happens to me every now and then, especially when I have to cough up one of the huge fish oil tabs that gets stuck in my throat. I have found that placing ice on it for 10 - 15 mins as soon as it happens helps me. It doesnt make it go away but it reduces the appearance a bit.


Actually, my face never has broken out from a hard day of lifting. But what'll happen on heavy days, especially when i bench, that I'll get little specs under my eyes and on my cheeks. I presume these are broken blood vessels in my face.

Also my eyes will get glazed over and blood shot, similar to that of which occurs when under the influence of marajuana.


.....hench which is why I cover my face.... my icon to the left...