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Face Bloats Right After Carbs


Yea I know how weird that sounds. My face bloats almost five minutes after eating carbs. Doesn’t matter the source. Rice or potatoes or sweet potatoes etc. has anyone ever has this same issue? Wtf is it already haha


It’s called chewing.


Blahahahha. No man. It’s my cheeks. I can have a protein and fat meal and be fine but protein and carb meals make me look like a hamster holding food haha


Are you on keto with refeeds? What is your salt intake like?


Stupidly I was eating under 100 g of carbs a day while weighing 230 lol. Seems like a dumb move. Do you think it should just my body getting used to more carbs and the extra water coming with it? Thanks for your feedback


If it’s just your face for an hour it’s not a real problem.

If you do cyclical ketogenic diets with refeeds correctly you’ll look awesome after a refeed. If you do it wrong you look aweful.

But I don’t know anything about you. It might all be in your head. Or uncontrolled water retention can be a sign of kidney disease. So… Not sure how to help you.


I def don’t think it’s that for sure. I am vascular as hell and lean everywhere else. I appreciate your help for sure bro.