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Face Bloating From Creatine?

 As I posted before I introduced Creatine into my diet nightly with my Surge PWO intake. I really started to feel bloated. I the first place I could see it was in my face. I have stopped using for now.

But was looking for advice...could I just reduce my Creatine usage until I don't feel or look so bloated? Should I just quit using it? Is this a result that would eventually go away if I kept using Creatine? Maybe this is not a Creatine related issue, but I assumed it was because it's the only change I have made in my diet lately! I'm interested in your opinions.



I personally have never in my life used regular creatine. I recommend using creatine ethyl ester hcl since this doesn't required a loading phase, or high dosages, and since it gets absorbed more efficiently through the digestive tract there's not a chance for it to cause too much bloating (I've never experienced any perceptible bloating at all really).

It may fade, but to give you more insight I need to know how much you're taking.


If creatine enters your cells it is going to drag water in with it. It is osmosis. So whether the creatine is esterfied or not is not of concern. My bet is that facial bloating is in your head or as a result of gaining fat.


Exactly did you change anything you eating as well. amount carbs etc.



Does creatine enter all your cells via osmosis? Or is it more or less directed to muscle tissue? Knowing this might help the op.


Id also bet that this bloating in your face is either something thats not really there or not directly caused by the creatine.


When I stared on creatine, I was convinced that I was bloated but it was my mind playing tricks on me cause I once read that might happen. Looking at your hands is the best way to tell if you are bloated...do you hands look "normal"? If you are actually bloated due to creatine, I'm pretty sure it levels out once you get used to the sup, not certain on that though.


Lets answer the real question here.

Why wouldn't you want to be bloated!?


Thanks for the replies! For starters I did have some things change not in my diet but in my timing and workouts! I work in Information Technology and my company had what is known as a Disaster Recovery Test (D/R). I'm a lead on the mainframe team, and a secondary on the Open Systems! Any ways I was working anywhere from 12 to 15 hour days for 4 days straight. I did not work out as often nor as hard due to fatigue. I also started taking in more calories with the Surge and Metabolic Drive which were introduced 2 weeks before the Creatine.

So in retrospect the combination of more calories less workouts less sleep... I don't think Creatine was the culprit! But I plan to find out... my work life has returned to normalcy and my work out routines are back on track! I quit taking the Creatine last week and I feel pretty normal. I'm going to stay OFF Creatine for the next couple of weeks and get into a real good rhythm again. Then introduce it back into my diet and see what happens.



FWIW, I use creatine constantly and it definitely puffs my face up a little.

Doesn't bother me much.