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Face, Arms, and Legs Tingling. Neuro Cleared Me. Help?

started with a physical therapist 6 months told me to stregthen core and gave me a simple program to follow not crazy lifts but lately I been getting BOTH LEFT ARM AND LEG tingling numbness with NO PAIN then few days later my cheecks and jaw line are tingling even tounge and scalp it varys and lessens and worssens throughout the day… what could have happen I don’t lift heavy and have been working on stregething program. went to hosptial and got cleared from ct scan and blood work for being NOT IN STROKE situation. but what could this be and is it fixable without surgrey

i also relize its been 12 weeks now any type of lifting makes me tingle all over.
neuro got me to do brain mri … got results written report says unremarkable… guessing thats good?
now what? he said it isnt neck related? is this possible? or is he miscordinating … he said im MS FREE and it cant be neck related… i do relize thou i wake up in morning sometimes with it… and if i lift heavy bags with my arms i feel some type of shock through arm… could this be related? any ideas?



It appears, based on the article, that there could be some cervical (upper) involvement. Not too sure about the leg issue.

Well i went too neuros and they cant find anything wrong…

Do you have bloodwork? Could be calcium deficiency, or half a dozen other deficiencies. What meds are you on? Anything?