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fabulous! now what?

Soo, reading Christian’s article and I am incredibly, incredibly impressed…that is beyond awesome and I applaud all your efforts. Then I went and read the Brock article on the fat fast, etc etc.
The one thing I am seeing in all these incredible transformation stories is that the guys are able to take certain supplements that wouldn’t be as advisable for women. I know, I know! It all comes down to energy balance, guys and girls train almost exactly the same…yes yes. :slight_smile:
Now! How would you take this and apply it to a female? I apologize if I seem to be attempting to stratify things too much. I just know that as a female I’m not going to achieve as low body fat as a male, not that I don’t have an ideal level; I know I’ve got a different balance of hormones; and when I see all these articles about how so-and-so took such-and-such, I’m left scratching my head a little bit.

Christian did use a lot of Tribex and M, two products which are (obviously) not for women.

However, you’ll notice he wasn’t using any Methoxy, which is a definite option for women. It would certainly provide some protection if you were interested in dropping calories a bit beyond what you normally might.

Obviously products such as Surge, ZMA, creatine, MD6, Hot-Rox and T2 are also not gender-specific.

Depending on what your bodyfat % is at right now, you may or may not be able to drop calories significantly. What I mean is that the leaner you get, the less caloric deficit you should have if wanting to keep your lbm., especially for women since they would not be using androgens. A better way to increase your caloric deficit than just dropping your calories too much is to increase your energy expenditure (EE) or as Christian calls it, energy system work. You’ll find you can eat more calories this way and will feel better as opposed to eating next to nil and doing less EE.

On a side note, you could try using Methoxy for keeping your lbm. while dieting off the fat. Again, this would only be necessary once you drop down to a low bodyfat.