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Faber v Aldo


man, the WEC is putting on a good card for their 1st PPV venture...

Faber/Aldo is gonna be awesome....i think Faber is probably the toughest opponet for Aldo, due to his overall game, and generaly unpredictability and condioning/pace. i do think Aldo will KO him, though...

Cerrone/Henderson is gonna rock....i see Henderson looking for any submission ASAp, since Cerrone is gonna look to KO him. i'm going with Cerrone on this one...

Brown/Gamburyan is a tough call....i think Brown will take it, but Manny will be a game opponent....


Im takin the Cali Kid! Its gonna be a sick ass fight though.


Aldo FTW

I just dont like Faber. He's an elite fighter so, respect due and whatnot


Most excited about cerrone vs henderson. Really hope Cerrone smashes Henderson and than beats Varner.

I'd like Faber to win but I don't think it will happen.


I dont understand why so many people think Faber cant beat Aldo? Speed matches up, explosiveness even, unpredictability Aldo by a hair, Fighting skill Faber. Also, Ive never seen Aldo almost win a fight with two broken hands.


Styles make fights, of course, but people are probably basing it all off how Brown convincingly beat Faber twice, and Aldo starched Brown.


Aldo seems much faster than Faber imo. Faber is going to come out wild and pay for it. Aldo TKO RD1. Smooth one vs Cerrone could go either way, but I think a more polished Benderson takes this.


I can't see Faber really winning this fight anywhere, I mean they both have GREAT cardio and decently heavy hands' Aldo more so than faber. And if it goes to the Ground Aldo has Slick BJJ.

It is a great card tho, and I will watch it online for sure.


once again Faber>Aldo.....good day


Prepare for supreme dissapointment that is all.


Faber all the way. It's definitely gonna be a sick ass fight, but Urijah's hungry as ever.


Aldo put hands on BJ Penn when they trained together... I'm gonna have to go with Aldo


Please elaborate on this story.


Yeah,I heard he spent some time with BJ's boxing coach...but didn't hear of anything about Aldo actually sparring BJ. But I could see them trading good shots.


I heard he trained with Roach too.


"But regaining his belt will perhaps be the biggest challenge in Faberâ??s stellar career, as he will be toe-to-toe with the man many are already including in the talks for best pound-for-pound fighters in the world: WEC featherweight champion and sports betting odds favorite, (16-1-0) Jose Aldo â??Juniorâ?? [-290 ML]. To retain his belt, Aldo has decided to fight in the place where his opponent is adored: in SACTO! "


Ballz...gotta admire going into there!


Wow, did anybody else think Jung got robbed against Garcia?


The Korean Zombie got robbed... and he tagged garcia more times and and i thought he won and should have at the split. all in all best fight of the yr since forrest and stephan fought. really great fight and exciting!


Cerrone over Henderson. Then revenge over Varner the Rich Franklin wannabe.


I wasn't expecting Cerrone to go out that quick, I thought he's lose but damn. And yeah zombie got robbed badly. He had the back, pressed the action, dropped Garcia, had less visible damage shit what were the judges watching? There will be a rematch that division isn't very deep.