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Fabadab: Getting Stronger (?)


C25K - W2D1

  • 5m walk
  • 6 x 90s run + 5 x 2m walk
  • 5m walk

29 mins total, 9 mins of running.

Only got as far as last time out which was odd as this session was longer overall, and had more running. Felt like I maintained about the same pace over 90s as I was over 60s before, but I did get the feeling that I wouldn’t be able to keep it up for a full 5k so I’ll have to adjust it downwards at some point.

Weighed in on Sunday morning at 13st 5.2lbs (187.2lbs/84.9kgs) which seemed far too high compared to last week, so I redid it yesterday morning and got 13st 3.8lbs (185.8lbs/84.2kgs), which seems more reasonable.


Yeah mate those weekly weigh ins can be funny. If you don’t have issues seeing your weight I recommend weighing daily and dividing by 7 at the end of the week for an average. Much better to see trends and any funny readings won’t have much of an effect

Yeah in the past I did track daily and I think on balance I preferred that because I could easily see what the trend was and identify when there was an odd result. I switched to weekly partly down to laziness but also because I was doing a weight-loss competition against my partner and she was tracking progress weekly so it made more sense to do the same thing.

I did think it might help me to be less obsessive about my weight though - it’s so easy to see yourself gaining/losing weight ‘too’ fast/slow and making unnecessary adjustments. Not really sure that has been the case in the end, so I might switch back…

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3 Rounds:

  • Squat - 30, 30, 30 @ 20kg weighted vest
  • Ring rows - 15+5+3+3+2+2, 10+4+3+2.5+2+2+2+2.5+2+1, 8+4+2+2+2+2+2+2ish+1+2+2ish+1
  • Pushups - 22+7+1, 15+6+4+3+2, 12+5+3+3+3+2+1.5+1
  • KB swings - 30, 30, 30 @ 20kg KB

Total time of 38:10. Timings were approx. 9 mins for round 1, 11 mins for round 2, and 14 mins for round 3.

Rested more like 1 min between exercises this time (still 2 mins between rounds), which worked better - still dead by the end and an exertion headache was threatening, but I got over it much quicker than previous weeks, and no nausea.

Ring rows were by far the most time consuming element. Happy to have done the squats unbroken (though I was pausing for a second at the top of each rep). Really felt my lats on the second set if swings, which shows I was doing them right, but also shows the knock-on impact they have on the rows (I was thinking it would only really be grip that was an issue).

Think for the future weeks I’ll just log the reps achieved on the first ‘set’ for each round, rather than the full breakdown - hard enough to track total reps! Think I’ll also have to resort to a tally to make sure I actually got the right total reps as I nearly went wrong on one round of rows and pushups (think I ended up doing an extra couple of reps on the rows).



C25K - W2D2

Same as last time out. Think I got a tad further on the way out, but then didn’t make it all the way back by the end of the second half. Partially just due to general fatigue on the second half, but I also started the 3rd run too early (the instructions come on a bit quietly so I sometimes struggle to hear when she says “Go” vs just giving some tips, and I misjudged this one by a good 20-30s.)

Pleased overall with how I did - legs were tired from the day before and knees were a tad cranky. I also had a stitch threatening on the first run but that cleared by the second and things felt pretty decent from there.

I do need to sort out a torch though (maybe a head one?) because I run out of the village into darkness and, although the road is dead straight and there’s just enough ambient light to not run off into a ditch, it’s pretty bumpy and I was completely mis-stepping on one section (second and fifth intervals) that’s particularly bad because I can’t make it out. Probably also a good idea just for safety reasons as well…



2 rounds:

  • Squats - 30, 30 @ 20kg weighted vest
  • Ring rows - 16+4+3+3+2+2, 12+3+3+3+2.5+2ish+2+2+1+1
  • Pushups - 23+7, 16+7+4+3
  • KB swings - 30, 30 @ 20kg KB

Total time of 21:57 (8:45 for 1st round and circa 11:15 for 2nd round).

Pretty happy with how this went; managed to reduce the time for round 1 and overall compared to the first two rounds of the last session. Rows were still tough, and squats seemed more challenging than before somehow, but otherwise it feels like there is some improvement occurring.

Knees felt dodgy and but swollen the day before, so I was a little concerned coming into this, but they held up fine in the session and seem OK today.



  • Squats - 4 x 10, 1 x 15 @ 47.5
    (s/s warmup sets with KB swings)


  • Split squats (R) - 10, 10 @ 10 WV
  • Split Squats (L) - 10, 10 @ 10 WV
  • Ring Rows - 12, 10


  • RDL - 12, 12, 13 @ 40
  • Hanging knee raises - 10, 10, 8+2

Had people over at the weekend so didn’t find time to workout, and we’re away this coming weekend so the schedule is all messed up, so I just decided to change what I was doing (again!).

Tweaked something in my shoulder on the first warmup set of squats, but otherwise really happy with how this went. Not much weight, but the heaviest I’ve squatted since hurting my knee and first time since then with a bar on my back (hence shoulder mobility issues I guess).

Right hip/glute felt a bit off on the last set which could be a compensatory thing because of the left knee, of otherwise I might just have been sitting funny at my desk in the day. Something to keep an eye on. Otherwise things felt super smooth and based on the earlier sets I was targeting 12 reps on the last set but breezed straight past that. Could probably have pushed on to nearer 20 but I wasn’t trying to go all out, so it seemed sensible to not push too far.

2 mins rest between squat working sets, and 1 min between all exercises in the supersets. Got suitable soreness in my legs and abs today which confirms I did in fact workout lol



  • Bench - 4 x 10, 1 x 20 @ 36.25
    (2m rest between sets, hit 10 band pull-aparts or face pulls in that time)


  • D-handle lat pulldown - 12, 12, 12 @ 35
  • Lateral raises - 12, 12, 12 @ 2.5s
  • Bent-over reverse flyes - 13, 13, 12 @ 2.5s
    (45s rest between exercises)


  • Rope triceps pulldown - 10, 10 @ 15
  • BB shrugs - 18.5, 17 @ 40
    (1m rest between exercises)

Shoulder still a bit off from Monday, but didn’t seem to affect the bench presses much. Still doing these on a slight decline, and close-ish grip. Weight felt light and I basically stopped the last set at 20 because it seemed like a nice round number, but I think I could have gone up to 25 or so.

Other exercises were good, but I probably went a bit too conservative on the weights - can definitely bump up the lat and triceps pulldowns next time. Lateral raises did aggravate my shoulder a bit, so didn’t want to go much heavier and used pauses/slow eccentrics instead. Quite pleased with the shrugs - not done them in a while and I had to grit my teeth to get the final reps of each set.

The whole of my upper- and mid-back are feeling it this morning!



  • Deadlifts - 4 x 10, 1 x 14 @ 70
    (TnG reps, 2m rest between sets)

Giant set:

  • BB split squats (L) - 10, 10 @ bar
  • DB row (R) - 20, 20 @ 13
  • BB split squats (R) - 10, 10 @ bar
  • DB row (L) - 20, 20 @ 13
    (45s rest between exercises)


  • KB swings - 20, 20 @ 20
  • Hanging knee raises - 8, 8
    (45s rest between exercises)

Came into this workout with a headache which wasn’t great. Deadlifts felt OK, but it’s the first time in years I’ve done TnG so I need to work on getting the reps smoother - feel like the bar kept trying to float out in front of me. Probably could have done a few more reps on the final set, but I felt the bar speed just started to slow and I’m still being conservative for this first week.

Split squats and rows were OK and could use more weight next time. Split squats actually felt better on the second set than the first, so maybe I need to do more warmup sets to get into the groove?

Swings and hanging knee raises were fine - could probably have done more on the knee raises but abs were sore coming into this, and I was going to miss out this stuff altogether so it’s a win just to get something done.



  • OHP - 5 x 10 @ 25
    (2 mins rest between sets)

*Incline pushups - 20, 17
(3 mins rest between sets)


  • Ring rows (set to hip-height) - 12, 10, 10ish
  • Cable face pulls (low-to-high) - 17, 15, 13 @ 20
    (1 min rest between exercises)

*BB curls - 12, 8, 6 @ bar
(45s rest between sets)

Was away at the weekend and slept pretty badly due to dog keeping me up, but actually felt OK coming into this. A little disappointed with the OHP performance, but still not pushing to the limit so we’ll see where it goes. I did go a tiny bit heavier than programmed because I didn’t want to mess with micro-plates, but it’s such a small increase I don’t think that’s really a factor.

By incline pushups I mean my hands were raised, using the safeties on the rack so I was maybe a couple of feet of the ground?

Schedule it a little messed up this week which is annoying, so there’ll be another couple of days gap before my next workout…