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Fabadab: Getting Stronger (?)


2 x weighted vest dog walks, a short one in the morning (20 mins or so), and then a slightly longer one in the afternoon (about 30 mins)

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Morning weighted vest dog walk @ 5.5kgs, about half an hour

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Conditioning - 5 rounds each 20s on/10s rest
DB swings - 12 @ 18
Air squats - 14 (1 rep short on second round)
Down-ups - 8
Plank - 20s

Deadlifts - 5 @ 71.25, 82.5, 93.75
Ring rows - 6 x 6

Giant set
OHP - 5 x 10 @ 26.25
Banded Y raises - 1 x 10, 4 x 8 @ yellow band
Ab wheel - 5 x 8
Banded face pulls - 5 x 10 @ yellow band

Poundstone DB curls - 100 @ 3s

Workout done in the middle of the day (about 11:30). Felt tired thus week generally, but that could be as much from the cold as from the training. Doesn’t seem to have much of an effect now, aside from a blocked right ear which is just a bit annoying.

Deadlifts felt heavyish, but I was focussing a lot on positioning and moving smoothly, with the effect being that the reps were a bit slower than normal. Otherwise they went well.

I questioned the decision to use FSL weights for the BBB sets halfway through the second set of OHP, but the later sets actually felt stronger so I don’t think there’s a need to change this. Given the low TM there’s only like a 1kg jump from one week to the next, so I ought to manage that just fine.

Ab wheel was a bit tough which might just be from doing them after deadlifting? Might be better to drop the reps slightly next time (to 5 or 6) and then bring them back up over the cycles.

Went for the poundstone curls again and got all 100 without stopping- probably slightly less strict than last time, but I wasn’t massively swinging them around or anything.

Phone signal was playing up throughout the workout for some reason so music was intermittent, and I ended up doing the curls in silence. I don’t need the music to perform, but I prefer having something to listen to than my own panting/grunting…

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No workout yesterday, but did take the puppy into the city centre and walked around a bit.


Weighted vest dog walk @ 5.5kgs, approx 30 mins. Followed by regular workout at about 9AM:

10 mins deck of cards workout

  • Hearts = jumping jacks
  • Diamonds = mountain climbers
  • Spades = seal jacks
  • Clubs = down-ups

Squats - 5 @ 52.5, 60, 67.5
Chinups/pullups - 6 x 3 (alt grip each set)

Giant set
Bench - 5 x 10 @ 38.75
DB rows - 5 x 10 @ 18 (ea arm)
Seated plate twists - 5 x 10 @ 10 (ea side)

Banded triceps pushdowns - 25 each @ black, red, blue, and green bands (100 reps total)

I normally do a late morning workout at the weekend, but this was a bit earlier. Didn’t notice any major issues, but just drank water rather than a protein shake during it.

Didn’t count the reps onnthe deck of cards workout, but I make it approx 245 reps, based on having 17 cards left at the end (working on averages). Clubs were going to be burpees, but my right shoulder was complaining on the push up portion, soon subbed this out to avoid aggravating it.

Annoyingly the start was all mountain climbers and down-ups, and then the middle was all jumping/seal jacks. Ended with a string of down-ups as well - I guess this teaches me to use more varied movements next time!

Squats felt smooth and strong, so no issues there. Abs are seriously achey from last time, which reinforces that I need to pull back slightly on the ab wheel next time. Didn’t affect squats majorly, but I could feel it on the chinups.

Bench press felt fine - shoulder didn’t bother me at all here. Rows and plate twists were ok too.

The banded triceps pushdowns were tough as hell! Took 5 deep breaths between sets (about 10s rest), and shook my arms out a bit, but they were seriously burning through the second half. Mega pump by the end!

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AM weighted vest dog walk @ 6.6kgs. Still only about half an hour, and possibly only a mile covered, but better pace between pauses (sniffs etc.)

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PM workout

1 mile run - 6:48

OHP - 5 @ 27.5, 32.5, 36.25
Ring rows - 5 x 7

Giant set
Deadlifts - 10 x 5 @ 77.5
Dips - 5 x 6, 5 x 5
Banded Y raises/face pulls - 5 x 6/6, 5 x 5/5 @ yellow band

Did a mini circuit of jumping jacks, squats, lunges, hinges before the run so it wasn’t completely cold like last time. Legs actually felt pretty tired after this, presumably from accumulated fatigue as I actually felt OK coming into this workout, and I could feel the ache only a quarter of the way into the run. Left hip gave some issues again by the end, but I came in 19s under last time so pretty good going I thought.

OHP felt fine - need to remember to get my head through early so the bar finished over the back of my head, which keeps my shoulders much happier.

Left hip still a bit funny on the warmup deadlift sets, but felt fine by the time I got to the working sets. Got a call before starting the on the BBS giant set which took 10 mins and let me cool down again a bit, but I still managed to handle everything OK. Right shoulder complaining a little on the dips, but nothing major.

Dinner was ready soon when I got to the end of this, so skipped any extras.

Left hip is a bit painful today (next morning), so I might need to change up how I do running going forwards. I’m guessing this comes from some sort of misalignment, particularly after a day of sitting at a desk, so I probably need to look into ways to assess and fix that.

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Afternoon weighted vest dog walk @ 6.6kgs, 30mins/1 mile or so. Slightly more continuous walking/less stopping than before which was good.

Probably a bad idea to have done this - left knee has been feeling odd for a little while, and general stiff/seized up but with no pain. I figured walking might help, but by the evening there was visible swelling.

I can’t remember doing anything specific to hurt it, or experiencing pain doing anything, but I’ve changed up quite a few things in the past two weeks (and past couple of months too), most notably the volume of conditioning and squats and deadlifts, so chances are it’s a cumulative thing that has just tipped over the edge.

I’ve got a holiday coming up in a couple of weeks which will involve walking around a bit, and I’d obviously like to be able to handle that, so plan for now is to rest up, take ibuprofen, and hope it recovers by then. I expect I’ll have a better idea in a few days/a week’s time.

Conditioning - can’t think of many ways to get this done well on one leg (swimming would be the best bet, but there’s nowhere nearby), so I think this will just need to be shelved for the time being.

Squats/deadlifts - these will need to be shelved for now too. I figure I can just work on pistol squats progressions or something on the right side so I’m still doing something, but that’s probably the extent of what I can manage for now.

Bit of a bummer overall, but upper-body training can go on as normal. I figure best-case scenario is I can restart this cycle for squats and deadlifts once I’m back from holiday, and just turn it into a 3-cycle leader for OHP and bench.

I’ll need to manage to the re-introduction of the activity though. I’m thinking either: back the conditioning down to less impactful stuff (though it didn’t feel particularly aggressive), change the supplemental for squats and deadlifts from BBS to something like SSL or even FSL, and/or change the movement pairing so it’s not full-body anymore (i.e. squats and deadlifts on one day, and OHP and bench on the other, so that my legs/joints get more recovery time).

Time will tell…

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For sure, dude. Sorry to hear this. Heal quickly!

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Only did a little walking yesterday (unweighted), and spent most of the day with my leg propped up on the desk (working from home), and took ibuprofen throughout the day.

Happily this morning my knee is considerably better- swelling has gone down a lot and I’ve nearly got full range of motion back. It does still feel 'tight’in general, particularly on the inner side and slightly to the rear of the knee, and I’ve felt a bit of acute pain where the inner-most hamstring ligament (?) meets the top of the calf.

Pretty comfortable now though that it’ll recover Ok, and that it was most likely the run (and subsequent deadlifts) that messed it up in the first place.

Still going to take things easy on it until I’m sure it is better and can handle stuff again. Just sticking with walking for now and might add the weight vest again in a week or so if things are feeling good. If things go really well I’ll try out air squats and split squats to test it a bit, but I won’t be trying to load it again until after the holiday.



Bench - 5 @ 42.5, 47.5, 53.75
Chinups/pullups - 5 x 4 (alt grips each set)

Giant set:
Seated cable row - 5 x 10 @ 20
Pushups - 1 x 8 (cut this short)
Hanging knee raises - 5 x 8

Cable triceps pulldowns - 15, 12, 9 @ 15
DB curls - 10, 8, 6 @ 8s

Got a new toy! Been looking at cable attachments but figured I had enough stuff to work with for the time being. Prices for second hand gym equipment does finally seem to be coming down now though, so snagged this at about half price! Just a simple pulley that has a plate-loading foot, and a rope attachment, but gives me more options for exercises now!

Right shoulder was kicking up a fuss on the bench press. Pushups felt Ok when I tested them, but then gave me grief when I started on the giant set, so just cut them out.

Frustrating to be dealing with that too, but reading some stuff this morning it looks like the recommended hand placement on bench press (at least as far as shoulder health is concerned) is way closer together than I’ve been doing it (just outside shoulder width, whereas I’ve had middle finger on the ring). Think I’ll give that a go on my next bench session and see if it helps.

Did arms superset at the end just to make myself feel better.

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So not much had been done the past few days- just a bit down from the knee and shoulder issues, and resigned to this program already being messed up and needing a do-over once I’m back from holiday.

Still be doing relatively short dog walks once or twice a day, unweighted. Knee feels broadly OK, but there is still an underlying soreness and it can be a tad painful by the end of a walk. I’m moving around fairly normally, though still favouring the other leg, but I can feel it’s off whenever I do a twisting motion on it.


Did actually workout today, but changed up a bit from the stated plan:

Windmills - worked up to 3 @ 8kgs (ea side)

Bench - 5 @ 42.5, 47.5, 53.75
Chinups/pullups - 6 x 4 (alt grips each set)

Giant set
OHP - 5 x 5 @ 32.5
DB rows - 5 x 10 @ 18 (ea arm)
McGill situps - 5 x 8 (ea side)

Redid the bench weights from last workout, using the new narrower grip. Had a tiny but of shoulder pain onnthe last set, but a big improvement from last time, so probably worth sticking with. Triceps worked a lot harder unsurprisingly, given this is more like my previous close-grip, so I’ll probably need to reassess my TM for the restart.

Went with SSL for the OHP just to change things up- no issues there. Rows felt fine too. McGill situps are an absolute killer though!

Never done windmills before so just messed about a bit with those at the start- started just with single plates, and then moved onto the DB at the end. Seemed to challenge me in an odd way, but was fun to do.

I’ve been thinking about adding these sorts of odd movements to try and get my body moving in new ways and try and build stability all over (with the goal of being less injury prone).

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Windmills - ramped up to 3 @ 10 (plate) on each side

OHP - 5 @ 30, 33.75, 37.5
Ring rows - 4 x 8

Giant set
Bench press - 5 x 10 @ 42.5
Banded face pulls - 5 x 10 @ yellow band
Plank - 5 x 45s

Cable rope hammer curls - 20, 20 @ 15

Just some walking done since the last workout. Weighed in @ 13st 2.4lbs (184.4lbs/83.6kgs) on 11/09.

Felt strong on the OHP, obviously can’t say for sure without doing them but I felt like I could’ve hit 10 at the top set if I’d wanted to.

Bench was fine, and still getting comfortable with the new, closer hand position. Shoulder wasn’t kicking up much of a fuss, which was the point of changing it up, but this hits my triceps way harder than before and I don’t feel like I’m getting nearly as much pec involvement.

Did sets of unweighted ‘box squats’ between the first superset, using the bench which gets me to a little above parallel, and that felt fine. Moved on to full ROM air squats for the giant set, and that also didn’t see to give any issues.

This morning (next day) my knee was a little tender but that’s cleared up after a few hours, so most likely just slept a bit funny. Going to try hitting a few air squats and unweighted good mornings here and there during the day, and maybe also some split squats, just to keep testing the knee and try and figure out what it can and can’t do. If that goes OK then I’ll try loading the movements goblet-style.