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FA3: The New Fatty Acid Kid on the Block


by TC



I am willing to bet a lot of people didn't understand CT, not because of his accent, but rather because they were too busy looking at the jug of Anaconda in the back.


So if you regularly eat nuts, olive oil, avocados, coconut oil, and eat lamb (I kill my own), you don't need this supplement.

"...burden less on your life" -- I happen to like eating the above things....it is not a burden.


I thought you're supposed to 'balance' your fats.

For example, 33% saturated, 33% polyunsaturated, 33% monounsaturated.

Are you saying if you take this and Flameout, they're balanced?

Or are you just saying you are getting what you need, to avoid body dysfunction?


Oh yeah, and the Tribal Symbol with TESTOSTERONE on that shirt is amazing.


and the MAG-10, and new t-shirt... and a Spike skateboard? (imagining Ronnie Coleman skateboarding now)

what a tease


Not to mention the MAG-10 bottle



Definitely looks like a solid product. Just curious about other saturated fats such as stearic acid, myristic acid and palmitic acid and why those aren't included? The reason I ask is because I just recently read Jeff Volek's TNT diet, and in it he mentions these fatty acids as being in meat. Are they not as important as the aforementioned FFA's in FA3?



Congratulations with releasing another new supplement, but I thought Anaconda was going to be released after I, Bodybuilder project was announced. The references would have been nice too (I think it's to your advantage to have lots of references backing up your product).


Yeah, I spied the MAG-10 bottle. And the word 'Pulse' underneath it. Assume that the new MAG-10 is going to be the protein of choice for Thibs Protein Pulsing regime

Not sure if that means Anaconda isn't the Casein Hydrolysate product...


GLA can be found in hempseed, evening primrose, and black currant, among other places.

Oleic acid can be found in olives, grape seed, acai, chocolate, and other places.

Lauric acid is found primarily in cocoanuts.


Taking FA3 and Flameout should provide you with a proper balance of dietary fats (a daily serving of each will provide you with proper amounts of saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, and monounsaturated fats, along with high amounts of specific fatty acids, like omega 3s and CLA).


Hi TC,

The product looks great. Currently I'm taking six caps of Flameout daily. If I started taking the FA3 caps, would I reduce the Flameout or keep the current amount.



Anaconda? How about the Mystery supplement with the "10" cleverly displayed next to it....MAG-10 redux?




Yes, that's still the plan: to introduce Anaconda after the I, Bodybuilder project is announced (just because it hasn't been released doesn't mean that those of us at Biotest aren't using it right now).

As far as references, as I mentioned in the article, there were literally hundreds, if not thousands of them and I looked at them and pretty much got overwhelmed.

All of the stuff I mentioned--with the exception of the link between oleic acid and Testosterone--is pretty much accepted and well known, though.

My apologies, though, if you felt the article still needed them.


The serving size for FA3 is 6-9 caps a day? So a bigger guy like myself would optimally need 9 caps per day. That's three bottles per month? wow.


"and to have purty skin like one of those harp seals that get their skulls bashed in every year for their silky pelts"

Nice failure on an attempt for a cheap laugh.

Looks like a decent fatty acid product though.


If 6 Flameout works well for you, then I'd stay at that level, regardless of whether I was using FA-3 or not.


Yeah that's my concern as well, they'd better start making jumbo bottles or something. What's with the mystery -10 bottle in the background?