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F6 Bench Shirt. What Should I Expect?

Been using a katana since day one. Recently purchased an f6. what should i expect? How is the groove different? How is the stopping power and the carryover to the lockout compared to the katana?

I’ve never used a Katana so I can’t compare the two, but the F6 is a pretty easy shirt from what I’ve experienced and heard. I don’t have a lot of trouble touching. The most difficult part for me is the transition from shirt to triceps (like, the shirt stops helping just a hair before I am okay with it), but that’s probably my weakness.

Yah I have used an F6 and a fury b4 (f6 just twice). I find they both can give you pop through to the end so long as the sleeves are tight as hell… Which they should be! Definitely for the f6, if you have been using a s/s shirt, you will need to arch way harder otherwise you will touch low. But if you have been using an a/s katana, the shirt should be no problem at all.

The F6 is an easy shirt to learn with a similar groove to the Katana if it’s tight enough. It’s way easier to touch in than a Katana, but it won’t give you nearly as much carryover as the Katana either. I agree with the first guy who responded that the shirt’s pop gives out a little short of where I want it to. Also, it’ll stretch out pretty good over the course of a training cycle so I wouldn’t touch in it too often. It’s a good shirt, just not super jacked like your used to in the Katana.

Thank you all for the tips and help. I am looking forward getting into this new shirt!