F***** up my PCT?

Hey guys!
Have a big problem, and hope you can help me!
Sorry in advance for typos, I’m from Sweden

About me:
Male, 32 years old
Weight : 100 kilo, abot 10 % bodyfat
Heigt: 190 cm

In short:
I have been to Turkey, which bought sustanon, clomid and nolva. I have now recently completed a 12-week regimen of 500 mg Sustanon per week. Everything I’ve bought is pharmacy grade.

This is the first cycle, my reason for Sustanon is because it was what they had of testosterone in Turkey. Because of the long acting esters i toguht about kickstarting with Anadrol 50, but concludet tht Sustanon was enough.

The cycle is completed, and 21 days after the last pin I started PTC.
PCT looks like this:
Day 1: 300 mg Clomid + 20 mg nolva
Day 2-11: 100 mg Clomid + 20 mg nolva
Day 12-21: 50 mg Clomid + 20 mg nolva

I have come to day 5 of the PCT, and discovering only now that 2 packages with Clomid has disappeared.
Probably, by mistake, they are thrown in the trash for a while ago.

Whats left is :
4 Clomid a 50 mg
54 nolva a 20 mg
How can you best set up a PCT from here, if it at all is possible?
I do not have the opportunity to acquire more Clomid. Hope you can help me!
Thank you in advance.

Just drop the clomid and start nolva at 20mg for 3 weeks and 10mg the next 2 weeks.

Please read this: The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong

Do not stack SERM’s.
Do not take high doses of SERM’s or hCG; more is not better.

Also see: HPTA Restart

Waiting two weeks is not useful.

Thanks guys!

So, should i stop clomid and follow @dt79 advise then?