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F*#^ the Way Businesses Act on Christmas!


Hey everyone,
Wanted to drop this here. All i want is to go life right now. Lately I've seen such a gain in strength and it makes me feel great! But no gym is open in RI! Its bullshit! O its Christmas morning. I need to be with my family. O bullshit! I guarantee anyone who really wants to life would make up a thousand and one excuses to go to the gym today.

Anyone else pissed their gym ins't open?


Nope, my gym is my back yard. It's always open...except for this last shitty week where it stormed for AN ENTIRE WEEK!


No, because I knew this was coming and planned accordingly.


Don't blame a gym for not facilitating your detachment from your family.


Bada bang bippity bing!


guy, go to a 24 hour gym, with like card access or pin numbers, get with the program.


What? Take a day off Mr. Hardcore.


I have the key to my gym, and its badass. Sucker. Don't you mean LIFT? Maybe instead of working out so much you should work on your grammar and proofreading skills.


I have some weights at home for these kinds of situations.


Well my gym is at home so it's always open, but if I were you I'd have planned to deload this week.


I figured this thread was going to be about businesses staying open for xmas, instead of someone bitching about his gym not being open. How would you feel working the front desk of a gym making min wage working on xmas because the small handful of of members cant afford to take a day off and spend it with family


Maybe OP wanted to get his swole on before strutting around the Christmas tree? :slight_smile:


my gym is open today, just like every other day of the year.


Spend time with my whole family which I don't see everyday or go to the gym... hard decision.


My workout is to get a mega surplus of calories in.

And then bench tomorrow.


I'm pissed at your spelling skills.


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I laughed picturing this. Well done.



Im not the type to take days off or be ho-hum about my workouts, but ffs man, take a day off and eat like hell. Its Christmas!


take a day off or lift at home, geezus