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F*** The Pats, Go Jets!


Suck it, Brady! You and your Hoodie wearing Goblin of a head coach can choke on this loss.



Any day the Pats lose is a good day. Now hopefully the Giants will beat the Cowboys.


Wow, everybody hates the Pats huh?

Like I said, 8&8 team. Brady just isn't the same guy he once was, and honestly, he sucks as this guy.

The Oline isn't good enough to carry them past anyone with a Defense either. Although their D looks pretty good so far...

If it makes you guys feel better, Boston radio fucking sucks, and has been sucking the offenses dick for 6 weeks talking about how shit the D was gonna be. I hate Boston fucking radio.

BRING BACK BCN, Greg Hill (& his nut hugger morning crew) is a cock smoke and it makes me hate AAF, mistress Carry is fucking obnoxious. Tucher and Rich aren't as good focused on sports either. Fuck you BCN, fuck you.


I respect the Pats, Brady and the head coach included. But they have shitted on the AFC East for the past 8 years. Bills, Jets, and Dolphins need a break.

Plus they beat the Carolina Panthers in their first and last super bowl, they beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl when I wanted a victory for McNabb and Dawkins, and that 18-0 season where you used Wes Welker as your running game pissed me off.

Plus you beat the Steelers in playoff games, which really bothered me.

So fuck the Patriots.


ha ha, yeah we've been spoiled as sports fans around here.

But I really wanted 19-0 only because those Miami guys are douchebags.



Fuck the cowboys AND their new, fancy shmancy stadium! ( and don't let the location fool you, I'm born and raised in Charm City and am a RAVENS fan through and through - 2 and 0 BABY! )


As a Pats fan, dare I post? I think they've been overhyped in the preseason. The rest of the AFC east got better and the Pats are going to have to work hard in order to get into the playoffs. I disagree with the 8 & 8 record though.


You guys still have a good team. You will destroy NFC teams, I know that. AFC teams will be close games.

Pats prediction: 10-4 Regular Season, lose in the AFC Playoffs 2nd round.


Hopefully they'll go farther than that. One thing is for sure... it's not so easy being a fan these days.


ehh, I like it better this way. Lower expectations are easier on the heart.

10-4 huh? You guys are more optimistic than I am. But then again, I'm a total asshole so that isn't surprising.

Tell ya what, Brady better stop shooting all his football out the end of his dick into a supermodel if they want to go 10-4, and get a better O-Line.


I think Sanchez did quite well, better than I thought he would do. I didn't think he was ready, and he still has to get better, but his raw ability right now is very good. He is having fun when he plays, reminds me of Brett Favre when he was younger. I also credit the coach and players surrounding Sanchez, they really did help the young QB.


Considering we lost four phenomenal players Bruschi, Vrabel, Harrison, Seymour, and others I'd imagine we lose a couple of games before we find our rhythm again. Not to mention Brady's only thrown a couple REAL games in the past year. Go ahead and hate the Patriots because they've been better than your team for the last decade. It doesn't bother me. We will make the playoffs. And we will dominate the Steelers.


?? no one else caught this? 10-4? what about the other 2 games, lol


Brady is still the same Tom Brady of 07, but he's going to need more than 2 live games to get there. You can see his timing and accuracy are off, he before last monday he hadnt played live football in 53 weeks. I mean it's going to take a couple of games to get back to what he was. What really sucks, and I have no solution for this besides a complete overhall, is the O-line...They are absolutly fucking horrible.

You cant ask brady to come back after having his knee crippled while standing in the pocket and be perfect while the pocket is collapsing around him. Once again, the o-line if fucking horrendous. And where's kevin faulk? with welker out today I expect to see a whole lot more of him...definatly not being utilized like he should be.


Yeah this...

And as for the other 2 games... Fuck em, who needs 16 anyway... lol


....and the cowgirls lost!


The Pats are done, calling it now.

The Jets will win the div and the Bills will take one of the wild cards. The Pats O now consists of two players, and their D is basically non existent.


The O-Line was pretty horrible, I could see them keying off their plays from TV, and that is sad. At the pro level you should not be making rookie mistakes like that. Look at a lineman's lean, he will tell the defense all they need to know.