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F the Off Season

Alright… So I am a pretty light guy than has been making fairly consistant gains in strength and size since a started a few months ago (seriously lifting, been recreational for 2 years or so, but I was a NEWB).

There is a guy at my gym who is a competing body builder with pics of him in contest shape to guy business… but now that it is the off season he looks like any other huge fatass at the gym. Don’t get me wrong, he looks AWESOME in shape, but if Shugart saw him on the street right now he would drop an elbow on him and staple a copy of “Die Fatty, Die” to his head.

Is there a way to put on appreciable amounts of muscle, be it slowly or quickly, without turning into a fatass and then having to cut it all away?

Is it just a matter of a minor increase in protein calories? All around calories?

Wade through the Anabolic Diet thread. There are alot of guys who still live the bulk/cut lifestyle. There are many ways to add muscle without huge amounts of bodyfat. Check out the AD, it might be for you.