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F*n Weird Japanese Commercials!!

In response to swiss’s japnese video and other random ones!

Here are some fuckn weird commercials

Japanese are just weird…

The second one is great!

The second ad was actually quite cool.

The weird looking kid with the boner made no sense.

Only in Japan will you find those kind of stuff. I wish England is more creative with their adverts…

1st one is weird. wtf was it advertising for? each situation was different.

2nd is funny.

1st one really creeped me out…

That first one (Inochi kun) freaked me out enough to check it out.

Apparently it wasn’t a commercial, but rather a series of promo videos done by a Japanese graphic artist. It was done pretty tongue-in-cheek…the guy wanted to create a messed up video that would trick non-Japanese into thinking it was an actual commercial for something. I guess it worked, LOL.

You do see some messed up commercials here though. There used to be this drink that was basically concentrated tomato extract with the salt removed. The advertisement featured this muscle-bound tomato called “Lycopene-san” that would blow shit up with a gun for some reason.

Check out these old (legit) ones…see if you recognize someone famous…

Pimpbot5000 are you living in japan?

[quote]Turiel wrote:
Pimpbot5000 are you living in japan?[/quote]

Yes, for about 9 months a year I’m in Japan

They have the best games shows in Japan though.

[quote]PimpBot5000 wrote:
Turiel wrote:
Pimpbot5000 are you living in japan?

Yes, for about 9 months a year I’m in Japan[/quote]

what do you do there?

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:

what do you do there?[/quote]

I clean those giant sumo thongs. Rough job but I feel like I really make a difference at the end of a day, you know?

(Nah, I work for a Japanese-based pharmaceutical company…some might argue a “dirtier” job than the previous)

wow cool :slight_smile:

right now im in mexico visiting my sister. But I live in Tokyo most of the year.