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F' Marry Kill


Ellen Degeneres, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton

Mine: Fuck: Sarah Palin
Marry: Ellen Degeneres
Kill: Hillary Clinton

Got one better, post it here, I've got nothing better to do today apparently.


You would rather take the lesbian who eats tofu as a wife and be stuck eating tofu for supper all the time, than marry Palin who would cook and clean for you?


I just want to fuck Palin, after one time, I'm sure she's useless, her husband is a bitch, not my role sorry, you can have her


This one is way too easy. Any other choice for any of them is insanity.


I'd marry Hillary Clinton, you could fuck your secretary and she would still stick with you.


Good Point

Okay, this one's harder:

Julianne Hough
Keeley Hazell
Katy Perry

Fuck: Keeley Hazell
Marry: Julianne Hough
Kill: Katy Perry


I have it on good authority that someone beat you to the punchline with Ms. Perry.

As in, they gave her AIDS. In the butt.


"I take Retrovir, and I like it."



AIDS? No one cares about AIDS anymore... thats so 1990. You can live forever with that shit now. Look at Magic Johnson


AIDS is the new clapp. Take some pills and keep fucken.


Fuck: Katy Perry
The other two don't matter.


Tonya Harding.... all 3.


I think you misunderstand the point of this game.


Can you kill them anyway you want?


I got one for you guys:

Pauly Shore
Paul Riser
Pauly from Rocky


Lanky killed the thread with ghey..


My bad, I didn't realize how great this thread was rolling.

I'll tell you what, let's replace Pauly from Rocky with Rupaul.

Now who would you pick?


Sarah Palin all three. And not necessarily in that order. lol



Lack of sleep hasn't affected your sense of humor.