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F*@, Marry, Kill... T-Nation Style


This should be fun, lets hear all your answers and why. Choose three members from the site.

  1. Who you will F*@K.

  2. Who you will Marry. (no divorces and no polygamy.. this isnt Utah folks)

  3. Who you will Kill.

ready go!


Well this has awkward potential written all over it. Absolutely beautiful thread gregron, seriously.

  1. Christine
  2. Christine
  3. Christine

K. Luv you. Buh Bye.


muuuwahahahahahaha! why thank you kind sir. Now, where are you answers???

  1. Its a toss up between Mascherano and Hallowed... so I dont drive myself crazy trying to decide i'll go Maschy

  2. This ones gonna go out to my newest favorite female poster... Sweet D (dasher) Total babe, builds guns, plays videogames... thats wifey material if I've ever seen it.

  3. This is also a toss up... between BugeishaAD and Waylander. I think they would be my top competitions for the ladies so somehow I'd find a way to kill them both lol. They're both bigger than me so that might prove to be a difficult task though.

off to the gym. Hopefully theres lots of action in here by the time I get back.


I don't know how to answer. I would fuck most women, marry none I suppose I'd kill head hunter for being so retarded and for the irony.

  1. DarkNinjaa... because I just HAVE to know what the fuck goes on there.

  2. Dasher because she's hilarious and I <3 chicks with humor.

  3. waylander so I don't die for #2.

  1. ALPHA duh and any other woman with any other answer is lyyyyyying. My other choice here, well I already fucked him :slight_smile: EDIT WHY: smart passionate hot as fukk (uh these are all requirements to make Hallowed's fuckable list)

  2. TOO MANY CHOICES lots of great guys here. I could name ten seriously. EDIT WHY: sweet, reliable, loyal, honest, beasts in the gym, fun, funny, and I can only IMAGINE fun in bed, stable jobs... yeah thats hubby stuff.

  3. Overstand muah he knows why. EDIT: He's passive aggressive and he called me chubby. For this you die in fake nation. Also, he is chubby.

  1. IH
  2. IH
  3. Brother Chris and any other rigid conservatives in PWI.


I would nail Ms. C. Horse. Those eyes speak volumes about potential freakiness

I would marry none

I would kill all those who deadlift more than me, in addition to seeing them driven before me and hearing the lamentations of their women


I'd probably take out Zeb or Headhunter first.


So would you include the unnamed guy in #1 in the list of ten in #2?


Well, they're in the top five of the PWI crowd.


1 - PMPM

2 - Tootles27

3 - Neelydan - Anteaters just creep me the fuck out ~


1 - Neelydan - Anteaters just turn me on ~

2 - None

3 - Edgy - Guys with no skin just creep me the fuck out ~


Honorable mention for #3: Edgy so I would be the only one here (I know of) with Viking descent.


  1. Gregron, that stache is hypnotic
  2. DixiesFinest, for the lulz
  3. Ct Rock, because I hate him.





3 RV/HH and his numerous accounts.


Way wont kill you, scj119. Promise!


One more Viking right here, big guy.