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F**ked Up an Injection


So I fuked up a pin in my ass because I was stupid and in a hurry. Was laying down and did the injection in the wrong area and moved the needle around in my ass a bit because I was stiff and cramping up a bit. Anyways for last 2 days its been in pretty bad pain-could not workout-, I have some pretty bad bruising I mean you can't tell my looking at it but I feel its swollen.

How can I tell if its just some bruising from messed up injection or if it might be more serious? I didn't inject a lot of oil just about 2ml and never had an issue like this before since I'm usually careful-well had some bad pins but nothing this bad-


any other symptoms besides pain?


You will have the pain you described anytime you bump a needle while it's in you or on it's way out. It will hurt like fuck for a few days and bruise- badly.


swelling -no discoloration of skin-

i know gear is good been using it awhile no issues before

its warm to the touch also but I sit a lot of the day anyways so that might have something to do with it

I mean how long should I wait before it might be something more serious or could it be in pain/swoellen for awhile? I know I fuked up the injection I moved the needle around, didn't aspirate-but I know i didn't hit a vein figure I would notice that and felt no different- and injected really high on the ass-lower back is little swollen also- I did swab everything well and always use fresh needle though.


Anytime you move the pin around while injecting you are damaging the muscle; and doing general internal damage. I have done the same thing a few times, always with glute shots, which is why I don't do them anymore.

Too hard to reach.


haha yeah I think i'm done with glute shots never again

delts/quads will be my go too and I can add tri,chest,lat ext if I do lot of injections. Its so hard to aspirate on glutes also.

how serious can the internal damage be though? Kind of freaked out that I might have fuked up my glutes or something.


This is why I got my mom to help me with glute shots when I started cycling. Ill never do them myself haha.

If you don't have a fever or other symptoms that indicate illness, I would be willing to bet that it isn't anything too serious. The pain will likely last a while, but in the future...avoid moving the needle.


yeah I live by myself so be hard to get someone to do it for me, but yeah the swelling has gone down today on the 4th day and little less pain so I think it was just damage to the tissue from needle moving so might take some time depending on how bad it was.


Ventro gluteal is easy to hit.



Is there any need to pin glutes? I mean especially if you are self injecting, it seems like a rather needlessly awkward maneuver to perform.


I let my wife inject my glutes, LOL.

I don't know how you can do this alone, too fucking annoying.

On a side note, there has been a great description on ventrogluteal injections on this site, but i can't find it.


My wife also does my injects for me, glutes are real easy lol lucky I guess