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F#&K These Small Arms


I am 15 years old, 205 pounds.I 305 bench and squat 450... but i have small arms. I can barly curl 25 pounds for 10 reps. so you can kind of imagine what it looks like. but i dont really have a clue were to start to get them built up.

any help or advice?


Your new name is t-rex.




AWESOME LOL!!!! how long that take you to make buddy?!! don't worry next time you'll keep it in the lines.!!


Do the same thing you did to get your bench press up to 305. Except work your biceps instead.


a cwouple two tree hours mwister!

In all seriousness I just tried to find a t-rex pic that was the funniest and this came up lol. It's kinda retarded like his 305lbs bench and can't curl 25lbs lol. If he can prove me wrong I'll shut my mouth.


pics of this is shit.


here you go...

His other screen name is Jasmincar


and here he is hitting the gunz


You mocking my art? I think we have a problem....

p.s. don't hurt me! :frowning:


pull up variations


lmfao, quit joking around!! its not physically possible...



How could I have forgotten, the fastest way to bigger arms, pullups... Defiantly what to hit all the variations too...


and yell "cheeeaaa!" every rep to get full effect.


Oh snap... fuck me I keep forgetting all the key components...


Well knowing your level of strength on back exercises such as chin-up (with your body weight) might help identify the problem, unless you suffer from acute trollitis that is.


I gotta see a pic of this dude!




Here it is!


That's it, from here on out, I'm only going to work triceps, but never biceps.

In two years I'll be able to post the pics.