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F**K Sprint

This is my want about Sprint PCS phone service (or lack of service). First off, Fuck Sprint. Although I cannot complain about the phone I had or the reception, thier customer service is just bad business.

When I used them, I was consistently overbilled, and had to fight the machine answering to get anything fixed (all while using my minutes, running up my bill). Corrections were sometimes made, often two to three months later, in the meantime my service is interuppted for not paying.

I had to cancel my service due to military deployment. They charged me a $180 contract cancelation fee.

About a year later, I recieve collection notices stating that I owe them the money, plus $70 of maintenance fees. Yes, they charged me for cancelation and for keeping my phone on vacation at the same time. Sprint agreed to wave all fees if I agreed to a new contract.

I tried to argue all of the above. Appearantly, it is in every contract that if you don’t cancel sevice within a week of your contract expiration, you agree to another year of service. (yes, you can cancel that year, but it will cost you).

I’ve spent over 20 hours on the phone trying to clear this up, and probally 15 hours were spent on hold, 3 dealing with an automated system, and 2 with subordinates who couldn’t get me answers. I stopped into a store to deal with a live person, and after 50 minutes of waiting, I got a pretty blond girl chewing bubblegum and not knowing what to do.

Once again, fuck sprint. They just do not care about thier customers as long as they get thier money. I strongly urge
everybody to avoid this company!

Yup. The contracts that they write these days are downright hostile, and once you sign it, they have no reason to provide very good customer service because even if you break the contract, they know they are getting paid anyways.

Then again I’ve allways abided by my own rule. That is that unless what you are saying is making you a whole lot of money, you don’t need to be saying it on a cell phone.

Take care and good luck getting that straightened out.

After our experience with Sprint PCS, my wife and I swore that we’d never own a cell phone again. We waited for months to get the bill for our cancellation fee. When we finally got it they’d tacked on “late fees”. When I finally got a human on the line I politely explained that they can’t charge me late fees on a bill that I just received. It hadn’t been lost in the mail either. It was dated two days before I got it. The turd on the phone finally agreed to graciously charge me “just” the $180 canx fee. Too bad I couldn’t shove the phone up his ass along with the check.

I had a simmilar problem with an AT&T company years ago.

Didn’t get a final bill for months, then got one with late fees.

The problem was that I cancelled the service over the phone due to the fact that my contract said that we had free calls to each phone in our plan (my wife’s and mine).

They were charging both of our phones the minutes that we talked to eachother. When I finaly got everything settled, they were charging me all the same minutes, only for one phone, when we weren’t supposed to get charged for any.

I finally got it settled again, all bills paid off, all charges “cancelled”, and don’t you know it, almost 3 years later (very close to the statue of limitations, even if I did owe something) I get a collections call.

I explain the situation and tell them that it’s all been settled already, she offers my one and only chance to pay back 1/2 of the fees. I told them no, and the statue of limitations is now up, so there’s nothing they could do even if I owed something.

A little off topic, but still the same as in a company trying to con people out of money was the “free” credit report online. It’s free, but you have to sign up for their $75/month somethingorother, but you can cancell before the first charge. I did that, it was fine for 4 months untill I saw a $75 charge to my card that didn’t say exactly what company took it. I called their 800 number that was associated with the charge and long story short, they appologised and credited back my money.

I wonder how many people don’t notice the charge, or don’t take action upon it…

[quote]mindeffer01 wrote:
Then again I’ve allways abided by my own rule. That is that unless what you are saying is making you a whole lot of money, you don’t need to be saying it on a cell phone.[/quote]

That’s why they’re great for pimpin’.

I’ve had Sprint PCS for years. If I ever had a problem, I talked to a manager (not the regular customer service peeps). I got what I wanted when I wanted it. But I’ve had few problems and am happy with my plan and service.