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F**k Cancer


If you feel inclined, share your/your family's/your friends stories and experiences with cancer. It helps to talk about it.

Here's mine:
18 years ago my little brother was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer before the age of one. Our family was told that he wouldn't live to be two. Through the miracle of medicine and brilliant doctors he was saved from an infant death. More than four craniotomies, several bouts of chemotherapy and a couple radiation treatments left him with a condition similar to Autism and little control over the extremities on his left side (tumor was on right hemisphere of his brain). But he lived, and the tumor shrank and didn't grow for years.

Now, at the age of 19, it seems that the tumor we thought was dormant has gotten larger and he seems to be regressing quickly. My parents are forced with the decision of what to do going forward. We don't know the options yet as the neurosurgeons haven't laid it out, but they will be going in tomorrow to receive the news.

I'm sad personally, but I can't imagine how my parents feel. The boy they created was almost taken right after he was born. His entire life has been a struggle. My mom has mentioned to me before that at this point they have considered just making sure he is comfortable, as it just may be his time.
I'm struggling with wanting him to live and be "better" but also thinking (and feeling guilty for thinking it) that it may be easier to let the cancer take him. My brother would no longer be struggling with this disease, and my parents wouldn't have to deal with the daily weight of caring for him.

Either way I know that this experience has added to my life personally, it's just hard to think about the positive things that have come from it when you're focusing on the void that would be left if he's gone.
On a TNation related note: I had thought of taking this week off from the gym, but I'm pretty sure that it will help my mental state too. So tomorrow maybe I'll set a bench PR, either way I'm going to hit it hard.

Cliffs Notes: Fuck Cancer.


Fuck you cancer
Footnote: this is a google image result, I don't know this lady.


Cancer sucks dude. My uncle was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and he passed like 6 weeks later.


Medullary Carcinoma thyroid,calcium and 50 odd other glands in neck, one 7 hour op may 08, feeding tube through stomach which got infected causing stomach acid to come out and burn the wound, 6 weeks radiotherapy, another 3 hour op dec 08 another june 09. still got some crap by my voice box. Worse thing is the severed nerves, after all this time still cant feel my lower face, upper chest, upper shoulders and the back of my neck is in agony if its used for anything more than walking and looking around.

And my mum died from breast cancer 12 years ago.


Fuck cancer!

Probably most of us know somebody, or have/had a relative with cancer. My grandfather had throat cancer, and it was shocking when my mom (his daughter) told me about it. I don't know what else to tell you, i've never been in your situation and i hope i won't be in this kind of situation when i'm a parent...I just hope that all ends well for you, your brother and your family and that you can at least enjoy the holidays together.


My prayers for peace and comfort go out to you and your family. Those are very difficult decisions to make.

My dad died from cancer in 1993. Toward the end of October of that year he started complaining of back pain and went to the doctor for an evaluation. By the beginning of December he was gone. Turned out to be a lesion of skin cancer that had metastasized to all of his organs.

All things considered, he went fast, which was a blessing of sorts. Not much pain and no time to suffer.


I wish your brother and your family all the best.
I dont know anyone with cancer, although I read Lance Armstrongs book and I highly recommend it.

fuck cancer


So sorry about your brother. What a terrible thing to go through for you and your family. I hope one way or another you all find some peace.

My Dad passed this summer from colon cancer, and my mom is stage 4 so it's just a matter of time for her. I also lost my cousin a week after my Dad to throat cancer. He was only 40, a successful musician who never smoked a day in his life. It's been a tough year, so yeah, fuck cancer.


My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, but things are looking very good for her. She's having a double masectomy in January. My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 42, and was "cured" after surgery. Forty years later, she passed from breast cancer that had metasasized to her bones.

One of my team members with my coach, the woman who guided me through my first PL meet, has been fighting colon cancer for over two years. Things were looking good, until about a month ago when they found a spot on her brain.

Fuck cancer.


I know it's easy for me to say, but you're lucky to still be here! May your life be filled with love, because that's pretty much the only thing that has helped my family keep it together.


I feel for all of you.

Cancer was a main contributing factor to taking my Grandfather.

Fuck Cancer.


Fuck Cancer.

My mommmy... first diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 31. All four of us were little kids. Full hysterectomy (surprise!) but no chemo. Thirteen years later it was back, but spread throughout the body cavity including all over her major arteries. Massive surgery, sliced artery, bleed out, two weeks in ICU. Then a full year of chemo. Full Remission. Last year... something happened to her mind. Indescribable depression. Diagnosed Bipolar. I can't begin to explain how horrific that was. People do not just BECOME Bi-Polar at age 58.

Guess what - its the fucking cancer again. PET scan shows it spread worse than the last time including the paracardial cavity. We're now six months into chemo... cancer still showing on PET scans... and her mental stability always a guessing game. When someone is fighting cancer you want them to feel like fighting, not wanting to die.

At least the last year this has been the focus of just about everything. I'm just glad I have my sister because it has taken both of us to hold my mom together. My dad, god love him, denial is a very effective coping mechanism and its one that he employs to the fullest.

Still no matter how shitty this has been, and sometimes I feel like I've been going through hell, it could be so so so much worse. Her cancer at least responds mostly to the chemo... it has completely stopped growing and is disappearing from places it used to show up. I do believe we will beat it again.

Fuck Cancer.


Fuck Cancer...

My dad passed away from complications due to bladder cancer. It spread to his kidneys, resulting in his death. He was both a bastard prick, and a soldier for his family in his own way.


Thankyou my friend, bless you, your brother and your family. I know what you mean about thinking it maybe be easier to let the cancer take him. I had the same thoughts about my mum towards the end. You want them to live but also dont want them to suffer and it seems like it would be a relief if they did just pass on. I remember thinking that quite alot, its not something to feel guilty about, its just love because you dont want their pain to continue.


Grandma died of lung.
Grandpa died of colon.
Uncle died of lung.
Aunt just got disgnosed with lung.
Big brother's friend had leukemia(I think).
All the lung cancer people smoked for most of their lives at different levels(ie packs/smokes a day)


Fuck Cancer...

I was diagnosed with a form of testicular cancer this year at 31 years old. It has been the worst experience of my life. I finished with chemotherapy about a month and a half ago and the recovery has been tough. It is especially hard when you have made fitness your life for so long. I am definitely thankful to be able to go back to gym and hit it hard again.

To those that have lost love ones to cancer, I am truly sorry for your loss. To those fighting the battle, stay strong and remember you are never alone in your fight.

They say that cancer may leave your body, but it will never leave your life. This is a true statement. Even though the test may say I am cancer free right now, I still have to get checked every couple of months for years to come. Whether you are a patient, survivor, or loved one, it will change your outlook on life.

For all the men out there, check yourself regularly. I never thought in a million years that I would be diagnosed with testicular cancer (or cancer of any type for that matter). Don't be embarrassed to go to the doctor to get your nuts checked if you find something not quite right. FUCK CANCER

Take care all and have a Merry Christmas


My mother died of cancer in 2007 after a 3 year battle. Fucking cancer. . .


My older sister was diagnosed with Hodgkins in 75', she was in grade 10, went through chemo, lost all the hair etc. Okay for 1 1/2 years. Came back and had to go through it all over again which she says was worse cause you knew what was coming. Back then the treatments were brutal with needles between your toes and shit.

Nice way to spend your high school years. Anyway last spring she had a masectomy, they figured all the chemo to save her back in the seventies caused the breast cancer, who knows. She seems okay now but she will never rest easy if you know what I mean.

I was too young to really notice much because my parents wouldn't let it show. I learned years later that when my Dad would pack up the rest of kids and go for a drive it was so my Mom could go to the basement and cry her eyes out by herself and scream when it got too much for her.

I have no idea how they got through it. I'm not wired for that kind of shit at all. My family keeps me out of the loop and doesen't fill me in with details unless I really got to know because of this. If anything happend to my wife or son I would have to be commited myself.

Funny thing is she was the favorite of the family before she got sick lol, she can do no wrong in my parents eyes. She is a wonderfull person and we all protect her like you wouldn't believe, no body fucks with Linda. A couple of her boyfriends found that out the hard way. I watched one of her guy friends throw a dude through a door because he got aggressive with her at my parents house during a house party lol.

I watched an interview last week with one of the worlds formost cancer doctors and he said it's a miracle that EVERYBODY dosen't have it. Facinating interview, wish I could remember the doctors name, he was so into it and engaging that you were hanging on every word.

I work in a hospital now and the Oncology wing is very difficult for me to work in. I really have to steel myself whenever I get a shift up there. The kids that are 8-12 years old hit me the hardest.

Fuck Cancer


I've lost more friends and family to cancer than I can count. Had a scare of my own several years back but it turned out benign. One of my best friends lost her husband to cancer at 34 years old. 34 is far too young to become a widow. She lost her best friend to cancer 6 months later, and she lost her father to it just a couple months after that.

My dad just went to the Dr. 8 weeks ago to get a lump in his neck checked. The lump had been there for months and he was just in denial. Mom eventually discovered it and pestered him into getting it checked. Turns out he has stage 3 lymphoma. Large masses in his neck, chest, abdomen and under one arm. He's refusing chemo until after the holidays. He doesn't want to look sick for his grandkids at Christmastime.

God bless all of you and your families that are fighting or have fought this shit.

And fuck cancer.