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F**K 2019! New Years Resolution Of Angry White Guy Lifting Weights

I hate everything.

My job fuing sus, so much for being an entrepreneur. A glorified salesman thtat’s what I’m actually… Nothing more nothing less… Maybe a whore, but well…

Ohh boy was I foolish, a few months back I thaught money was the anwser to all my issues…

Guess what, I banked well over 150.000€ last year. Bought a new Ford Mustang, felt great! At least for a moment. Bought a Breitling watch, felt great but also only for a moment.

Overall I still felt and still feel like, well angry. Angry at everything and everyone.

Making that kind of money changed nothing…

Finding a new girlfriend changed nothing…

Partying like crazy doing blow like Hunter S. Thompson reincarnated changed nothing…

Optimizing my diet and nutrition changed nothing…

Stopped smoking, started again, changed nothing…

Seeing a therapist, changed nothing…


I started working out! For the first two months I started like probably everyone under gods blue sky doing machine exercises prescribed by some retard working at the gym I’m going to…

After that migrating to a bro split, whatever that is… For the next 2 months.

Then the magic happened!

I discovered the big three barbell exercises. Bench. Squat. Deadlift.


I finally found an outlet for my rage, the rage I have always felt ever since being a small boy.

I have no idea where this rage is coming from… But I have always felt it. Burning inside me. In the past it got me in a lot of trouble. Fighting…

Screw this, now I’m feeling like I’m typing the lyrics for some Metal song…

The point is like most people out there, living their lives in a way that they don’t want to live their lives forced by a civilized enviroment… I’M SUPER PISSED!

Maybe I was born in the wrong time…

Maybe I would have been happier smashing someones face in with an axe on some ancient battlefield, who knows… But more probably this is just some romanticized notion by a modern day man lifting weights.

However it makes sense if you think about it. Have you ever wondered why some of us like the feel of steel in our hands so much when working out?

It might be due to the fact that the weapons of our ancestors were made from the same material!

But I’m getting side tracked… And by now you might be wondering why I’m writting this…

Well, to give you a climpse in my mind so you are able to understand why I do what I do and what I’m planning to do.

I started lifting seriously around 8 months back. I was able to bench 50kg (110lbs.), squat 60kg (132lbs.) and deadlift 80kg (176lbs.).

Currently (01/03/2019) my stats are:

Squat: 100kg (220lbs)
Bench: 100kg (220lbs), my favorite lift.
Deadlift: 145kg (319lbs)

At a bodyweight of 72kg (158lbs). I’m currently not looking to build any more muscle (when I started I had a bodyweight of 65kg (143lbs). I love how bodybuilders look, however it isn’t for me. I know for a fact that big arms wont help me with my anger, my rage.

The only thing so far that I have found that seems to help with it is maxing out on the big three lifts.

I just love it! It’s the only thing that silences the anger.

So my goal is to achieve the following:

Squat: 2 times bodyweight
Bench: 2 times bodyweight
Deadlift: 2.5 times bodyweight

Plus I want to get away from my current entrepreneurial endeavors and do something that revolves around lifting.

What exactly? I don’t know yet… I just started a personal workout blog as a baseline.

I’m currently a lifetime natty and plan on staying this way.

Furthermore I might enter a powerlifting meet by the end of 2019. We will see…


You need to gain more weight.

Welcome to the club.

Sounds like you would enjoy westside training.

Keep your company open.

Open a gym with all the extra cash.

Calm the fuck down


I will in fact switch to a Westside like program next week. Even through I’m not looking to gain any weight… I thaught about opening a gym… However, there is no money to be made here in Germany the market is flooded with cheap mass appeal gyms, which are like $10 to $20 month and there isn’t a real market for hardcore type gyms.

Todays workout looked the following:

Heavy Benchpress:

50kg x 5
70kg x 3
80kg x 3
90kg x 4
92kg x 2

After that I did a backoff set with 70% of my current max (100kg / 220lbs) for 8 reps.

Next were light Squats:

50kg x 8
60kg x 5
70kg x 5
70kg x 5
70kg x 5

After that I did some Barbell rows using 70kg for 10, 8, 8 reps.

I finished the workout with some light shoulder work and some heavy curls using dumbbells, 16 kg each.

I think I need to adjust my benching technique, my shoulder hast started to give me some pain latley. If I change anything I will post it here.

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You need to move to 'Murica :joy:

Seriously, you should take trip to the U.S. Especially the American West. You may find what you are looking for.

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Sounds good… However opening a gym in the U.S. might not be so easy for a non-citizin :smile:.

You’d be better off being a personal trainer.

I’m kind a being serious here. Places like Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, can make a man feel “small”. All that wide open space reduces rage and anger. Shit, there’s only 500,000 people in the entire state of Wyoming and its the 10th largest state in the nation.

You should probably stop lifting weights if you’re not looking to build any more muscle. You’re still in the noob phase of lifting, so you’ll likely be putting on quite a bit of muscle if you start focusing on the big 3.
Happy to hear that you can use lifting as an outlet for your rage.

Age, height?

This is probably a good point actually,

Especially if these are you goals.
I’m guessing you just want to be strong but both are pretty closely related.

Google Dave Tate. It sounds like you’ll enjoy his journey.

Hey man
Welcome to the log section
This good be fun, I’m in.
@Koestrizer is german as well.
There are so many good programs out there. Westside is maybe not for a new lifter.
I would look at something like Texas method or a plain simple 5x5 program.
I could vouch for CT’s Simple Guaranteed Strength and size or my favorite 5/3/1 by Jim Wendler.
But just be consistent and things will be good.

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By not looking to build more muscle I mean I’m not trying to be a bodybuilder. If I add size through my current training I don’t care.

@ usmccds423 already looked him up, exactly my kind of guy!

@ mortdk I guess you are right. However getting rid of my inner demons is actually more important to me then progression at this point.

Almost forgot… I’m 30 and 178cm (5 foot 10).

OP, where in Germany do you live?

I live in Munich, followed a woman here from New Zealand!

I don’t mind the cheap gyms here. The newer Cleverfits usually have a couple of weightlifting platforms and decent squat racks. Just a shit name but not run down like some of the independent ones.

Do you mean in square miles?

I’m in South Dakota. You wanna talk about small, come here :rofl:


I used to live in Germany! Ansbach, kinda near Nuremberg.


I have visited that area a few times and it is very nice.

Strange to live Nuremberg then South Dakota, but no doubt you have your reasons and it is also nice.

One thing about some parts of Germany is that it is bloody expensive compared to US or NZ for property. We could purchase a really nice stand alone house in NZ for the amount we paid for a ground floor apartment with a garden.

Hey there and welcome to Tnation. As @mortdk already said I am also from Germany, currently living in Munich. I compete in strongman, if you ever get interested in that sort of stuff, I can surely be of help.

Tnation is a wonderful place for exchange, learning, motivation and finding people with similar interests.

Best intro I’ve read. I’m in.

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What gym are you at in Munich?

Thomas Sport Center formerly known as Stefans Sport Center in Unterhaching.

Also with this you are kind of part of a stereotype, haha. Meaning no offense.

Where do you currently train?

Of course that is the typical sterotype, no offence taken.
I recently moved to Ffb area and I now train at Joeys Fitness in Fürstenfeldbruck, before that Cleverfit Mitte.