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F*&#ing Klokov Deadlift


Just thought I'd drop this here:

I hate him. I mean, I really hate him. I hate him soooooooo much....


Anyone know why he never pushes his hips through at the end? Oly lift technique or something?


Correct. He only goes to the point immediately prior to the initiation of the 2nd pull in the oly lifts. This was new to me until I sat in with my little brother on his coach's sessions (little bro is coached by an old school USSR immigrant). It preserves aspects of the specificity for the explosion and also trains the back to be incredibly strong in the position since tension is never taken off. This means your ability to explode under heavy cleans and snatches is increased because your back is both strong at the proper angle and has endurance to hold a load because it is never rested.

What makes this more sick is that you should also recognize that he starts the deadlift with the shoulders too far forward (olympic lift tech positioning), balanced messed up (olympic lift tech balance). And uses a hook grip.



i think that's the dude who got dusted in the beijing olympics by some kid who was only like 20 years-old. That was 5 years ago. I always wondered what happened to him cause i didn't see him in London. So he's making u-tube exercise videos. OK.



Lol. Whatever dude. I guess if the only thing you know about weightlifting is at the Olympics then he could have dropped off your radar. Fortunately for most other people that's not the case.

If you mean dusted as in got the Silver medal and second in the World then ok. I suppose so. He didn't compete in London. Back injury. Since '08 he's placed in the World Championships several times and the Rus Nat'ls.

Hardly washed up.


Seriously love this guy. He just seems to have a pure love for lifting, like it were an art or something.


This guy is such a freak


you are a moron


I love this man


Lower back of strength, peace, and prosperity.


There's a video of him snatching 205 in his prep for London. Lol this guy knows absolutely nothing. Hands down, one of the strongest men in the world.


Second is the worst place to be in, because it means that you are the first loser. :wink:


All those people who claim some lower back rounding will send you to an early grave must be having seizures around now.


Great video Aragorn, thanks for posting. I love watching this guys videos and Im glad he has been posting so many lately.

As far as the whole "dusted" thing, the guy does have an exercise named after him, that kindof puts you in a league with only a few individuals.

The clip of him front squatting 550lbs is still my favorite though




The 496 push press is my favorite


The snatch grip, 4" defecit, stiff legged, deadlifts in olympic shoes are my favorite. There's literally nothing else you could add to that movement to make it more difficult short of having someone throw an angry bobcat at your face during it.


He's pressing my max squat, i hate it for this reason, lol