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No this is not a continuation of the F’n Grow! bar thread of two years ago, this is new. I just about fly-tackled the FEDEX guy when he arrived. With an evil grin, I ripped the shipping carton apart on the front porch, spilling styrofoam peanuts about, and dug out a Grow! bar. I was in heaven with the first bite. I brought all my goodies inside, and brought out the HOOD Carb Countdown milk from the fridge. A nice glass of cold lowcarb milk with the new Grwo! bar was almost orgasmic. I seriously thought that I was eating my mom’s homemade brownies, but I wasn’t.

Thanks again Biotest for producing such kick-ass products. Now that I have calmed down a bit, it is now time to break open the maximum-strength HOT-ROX, and Alpha Male.

-The Starkdog


Glad to hear you like the new GROW! Bars! Your description of receving your bars seems to me like it would make a great commercial!

Enjoy your GROW! Bars, but be sure not to eat them all at once. I can’t imagine the after affects would make for a pretty picture. :slight_smile: