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F*#! Fat Gripz


Man I finally got to try these things out today. Tried to deadlift the weight I ended last and oh crap is all i can say. It took my measly 220lb deadlift to 135 lbs. It slashed my power clean almost in half. A couple of times it felt like I was going to loose control....

I'm currently doing the 6 weeks to superhero program and today I only did one half of the workout because my grip was done. Going to have to do the later half in the evening.
I'm a newb to heavy lifting so i was progressing at a good speed with each workout and was coming to a point were I was going to have to go buy some more plates as I was running short.
Fat Gripz solved this problem and I won't have to worry about that for a while now.

These things are awesome and is going to give me a kung fu grip.


personally, i wouldn't use them on any movement where grip strength is a limiting factor. grip training doesn't have to interfere with training other body parts.


I can't really say I'm a pro in anyway, but back when I used a thick bar with a local professional strongman after HS, my clean and jerk was around 205lbs, but doing a much smaller weight on the thick bar my cleans went up to 255lbs in two months or so on a normal bar like it was nothing. Just sharing my experience! Ordered Fat Gripz yesterday though since my new gym doesn't have a thick bar!


This, I use them for curls and that's it. You don't have to try and make a compound lift even harder.


It's funny... thick bars have been around since 1940's and now people are thinking these are the greatest training method for grip.

There ok, but it's nothing any different with wrapping your sweat towel around the bar. Better then that just take your towel and hang them from

the pull up bar. Now your really working your grip!!


Yeah - fatgripz are sweeeeet - love em


I ordered mine 2 weeks ago and Im still waiting for them to arrive. I dont think your meant to use them for deadlifts.
How thick is thick bar compared to a standard olympic bar??

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Use them for all pressing work eg bench and military press and curling you will develop very strong hands and forearms. I do not advise using them for any type of pulling movement like deadlifts. I have preety big strong hands I do not even do this krock rows farmers walks and overhand deadlifts is all you need when it come's to pulling movments.


personally heavy krock rows and farmers walks is what made my grip strength what it is to day. I will say this a 3inch 80lbs elgordo fatbar is nothing like wrapping a sweat towel around it after the yoke/safety bar a fatbar is one of the best specialty bars you can buy.


Just a heads up, when I ordered mine they were on backorder and it took about 4 or 5 weeks for them to arrive. This was recently a month or two ago..


Using them for pressing movements is good and doesn't effect the lift that much. It'll just distribute the weight in your palms more evenly because the surface area of the fat grip is bigger than that of the regular bar. I think it can make it easier on the joints in your wrists, elbow and shoulder because of this.

For Pulling I would use them up until my grip was the thing limiting the weight I could use and then take them off and keep bumping up the weight. Kind of like using a double overhand grip for Deadlifting until your grip becomes your limiting factor and then switching to a mixed grip so you'll be able to lift more since your grip wont be holding you back.


Ya I agree. Deadlifting 135 isn't going to do shit, Fat Gripz or not.