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F%$! Eli Manning

That’s all I wanted to say.

THough I don’t like the tactics Eli and Co. pulled to get out of playing in San Diego, I am a Giants fan and supporter.

As such, and as a born and bred Noo Yawker, I respectfully say:

FUCK YOU! Let’s go Giants!

(Now if we could only get an O-line, so he doesn’t get killed)

Go Giants!

Fuck all the mannings they are all bithces i hope eli gets his fucken ACL torn on the first play b/c he is a little bitch.

I agree with j6…bye the way. Let’s go Bills!

The Bills??


Amen, Maloney!

The Giants can have the little cry baby.

Excellent! More Bills fans :).

…eli is a fag…but peyton is the fucking man…


While I totally disagree with Eli’s tactics, you gotta remember Elway did the same thing and I don’t hear too many complaints these days.

It’s a childish, immature move to refuse to play for who you are drafted by, but players will continue to do it until a team stands up and says, “You don’t wanna play for us, fine, f@ck off and sit out the season.”

And unfortunately it has worked out for the player in most situations; i.e. Elway, Steve Francis(although this is both Francis’s and the Grizzlies first playoff appearance), even Terrell Owens got to go to the team he wanted, even if it wasn’t draft related.

So, even though it does bother me, I can’t fault the player completely, the teams give them their wish.

Oh yeah. j6, I can’t saw i ever saw Peyton acting like a little bitch.

you get to work for the company you want to, so why shouldnt football players be allowed to play for who they want to.

the chargers are a revolving door for players and coaches. i wouldnt have wanted to go there either.

what tactics did they pull? it was quite clear to me that they didnt want any of this to get out.

The most important aspect of this whole thing is the Marty Schott. cant coach quarterbacks. So, how can anyone blame eli for wanting to get the hell away from San Diego. I went to Purdue and watched Drew Bress. He was and still is quite talented, but has little if any help from Marty. It’s rather difficult to throw in a run only offense!

Bad analogy Goldberg. The draft is designed to make the league as competitive as possible by giving good draft picks to weak teams. Manning’s selfish maneuvering screws up the system.


Not really. Many believe the Giants gave up too much for Eli. The Chargers received Philip Rivers, a 2004 3rd and 2005 1st and 5th round draft picks. The 2005 1st rounder will probably be a high one. If the Chargers’ screwed up management knows what it is doing it should really be able to profit from this deal and drastically improve the team. Unfortunately, there is a reason the Chargers are usually in a very high drafting position.

Many draft analysts (Kiper, Jr. being one of them) rated Manning, Rivers and Rothlisberger even. Therefore, the Chargers came out of this pretty well.

PTRDR- That’s awesome, never heard that one.

As far as QBs being rated even: the Giants simply felt comfortable with Eli.

He is as safe a pick as there will be when it comes to a QB.

No questioning his skills , size, confidence, etc. He is also a fine person and coachable and (somewhat)humble.

But most of all, he knows what he’s getting into. When your dad was a very good pro QB and your brother is the MVP and one of the top QBs in the league, you have an AWESOME support system. He won’t ahve to be coddled or have his confidence shaken, the coaches don’t have to worry about him psychologuically. he’ll get all that from his family. The coaches won’t have to babysit him and worry as much.

That’s why the Giants made that move instead of taking Rivers.

We’ll see how it pans out. He is blessed with tremendous offensive skill players, but a raggedy O-line. Again, who is going to protect him?

How bout the fact that the only reason the Chargers took Manning anyway was because they knew they could get something for him. They never intended to keep him. Looking back that is quite obvious. They had Phillip Rivers rated higher on their board so they in effect got a whole lot more than just the first draft pick.

My analogy was fine. When thinking about his personal future, I am sure that he cared nothing about the competitiveness of the league. None of us would have either. Lets be realistic.

Your point is a good one and I agree that the Chargers
actually came out pretty well in this case. I just think
allowing players to dictate which teams they will or will
not play for is contrary to the purpose of the draft.

True, the Bills have no super bowl wins, but making it there 4 years in a row is quite an accomplishment. And their time is coming…Go Bills! Screw the Mannings!