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Has anyone else bought this game or at least downloaded the demo of it?


I've only played the single player demo and.... holy f-ing cow. My skin is still crawling - that's some eerie stuff, my friends. It's like Half Life 2 meets The Ring.

The funny thing is that I have a new computer with a 256MB video card... and it's not nearly enough horsepower to run that sucker at it's full potential. (I am amazed at how different 256MB video cards can be in terms of features and price).



FEAR is one of the best games of the year. I also thought it had a Ringu feel to it.

As for 256mb cards . . . there are lots of shitty 4 generation old cards with 256 megs out there, just to take advantage of people who don't know better.


Yeah F.E.A.R is a great game, the multiplayer is especially taxxing on my computer.

You can download the multi/singleplayer demos at fileplanet.com if you are interested.


Well, that's because the main performance indicator isn't memory size. Yes, additional high-speed memory makes an existing card better, but what really gives you acceleration are all sorts of neat processing enhancements that offload work from the CPU onto the GPU (the card's processor). So that's sort of like looking at a bunch of cars and saying "It surprises me that there is so much variation in price and performance of cars that all have the same spoiler."

Sorry, had to geek out on ya for a moment :wink:.


Bought both FEAR Director's Cut DVD & Quake 4 DVD and haven't had time to play either for more than 30 minutes.

FEAR crashed to a black screen on me when I was simultaneously crouching, leaning & zooming the reticle. Hit the reset button and uninstalled FEAR.

Installed Quake 4 and it was stable but it feels like a Doom mod. The biggest disappointment was no bot support especially since Raven and id were hyping that the multiplayer was Quake 3: Arena on the Doom engine.

I should have purchased more Biotest supplements instead of Q4.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, UT2007 & Sin: Episodes are the only 3 other unreleased PC games that are on my must buy list. Neverwinter Nights 2 is questionable since BioWare isn't developing & handed it off to Obsidian. I'll be really surprised if my obsolete computer can play either ES:Oblivion or UT2007 whenever they hit retail.


seriously q4 sucks balls, and do yourself a favor and pick up a xbox360 for ES:O and UT'07 both games are coming out for the 360 and will save you a couple hundred bucks on the upgrade for you pc.


The geekdom is much appreciated. I knew there was a lot more to it than just the physical memory, but it is still astonishing to me (for whatever reason) that there are such large gaps. I think I might need an upgrade in the near future.