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F.D.R.'s 2nd Bill of Rights


Of course they did.

Pivot and counter mang.


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Yeah, that’s closer, but it still doesn’t fit.

I don’t think anyone legitimately thought Jewish people fleeing the Shoah were potential terrorists (except maybe the British in mandatory Palestine, and that was ~10 years later).

In contrast, there is a legitimate concern that the Muslims fleeing the ME will bring their ways with them.

Just yesterday, a Muslim man killed an Irish professor for somehow insulting Islam. And another Muslim shot up a Christmas market in France because Christmas markets are apparently offensive to Islam (which is weird to me, because in Arab-controlled Judea, Christmas is viewed as a giant money maker, since they occupy Bethlehem and the surrounds and it’s the big tourist season).

So there is a legitimate concern that there are bad people mixed in to the normal people.

Now, how to vet the internal motivations of potential immigrants and likelihood of radicalization strikes me as exceedingly difficult. I haven’t a clue how to do it.


I absolutely think it was a possibility. Just like I think it’s a possibility that current day Muslim refugees could have a terrorist among them.

I have no doubt this was a legitimate concern during WWII with double agents


It’s okay, neither did Trump. That’s why his Muslim ban resulted in no changes


The American taxpayer gives you everything… Your clothes, your treatments, the roof over your head, food, etc… You have not been “held accountable” for your disease. The American taxpayer has.

The “great system we have in this country” provides you with all that you have; including, the best care approved by the people paying your bills.

If this country adopted single-payer you would still be denied the choice to use stem cells therapy because the folks that “deny” that choice now will be the same folks that run single-payer.


Please answer.


Well, were there ever any significant numbers of Jewish terrorist refugees? Nope. You know, as opposed to the near weekly attacks by Muslim refugees in the West. So that’s pretty silly.

But I suppose a Nazi could have pretended to be Jewish, and thus have infiltrated. Of course, the first thing to check is for circumcision, which was one of the primary ways Germans looked for Jewish people.

Doubtful a proud Nazi would do that. Although, I suppose that could be done for some deep cover.

But most Jewish refugees were family units. So the boy children would have to participate.

And there was ample paperwork, like the giant red “J” placed on my grandfather’s passport, which could also be faked. That’s probably the easiest part.

But then, simple questioning by a Jewish person on basics of the Jewish faith (like sing a certain song, what is Purim, kosher requirements, etc, would expose all but the most expert fakers. (Israel does this when you enter Israel, BTW.) You pretty much have to live as a Jew to learn fake it.

And the Jewish communities were tight nit (we’re all 5th cousins genetically), so some basic family background could be checked out on top of it all. (“Oh, you’re Mr. Cohen from Berlin? What shul? What was your dad’s name? Let me call your uncle.”)

So, yes, you’re right, a handful of theoretical Nazi deep infiltrators could have poised as a Jewish refugees, but it would have taken a lot of work and effort for little return.


Terrorist != Double agent. The word changing doesn’t remove the possibility

I think it’d be much simpler to blackmail one of those refugees into doing as he/she is told. You don’t need to learn the entire culture if you just control the guy who does


We know why the Jewish refugees on board the St. Louis we’re denied entry into the US: antisemitism. The irony is that Cordell Hull, the sec of state at the time who gave the order, later won the Nobel Peace prize. Eleanor Roosevelt was able to save Jewish refugees by bypassing Hull. There is an actual written record of all of this.


Sure, but so did Yasser Arafat. For agreeing to stop killing them.


It evens out because Obama won it too and he killed a lot of Arabs.


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He’ll be back. He’s done this before. In a week / month he’ll post as if no time has gone by. Just wait.