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F.D.R.'s 2nd Bill of Rights


About a quarter of them were dead by the time the war was over, they were divided between countries that would take them, and that was in 39, early on. No doubt FDR was a part of that, but as pfury stated, it’s what we’re doing right now with middle eastern refugees and nobody is calling our government on that.


Well, I try to (at least when it was newsworthy).

Still waiting on all the process changes Trump swore we needed that Muslim ban for. Any day now


Spread the non-corporate take on things? No.


Do you or don’t you back policies that deny choice to the public at least in terms of their medical treatments?


No, because someone should always be held accountable for something they had no responsibility for. And they should not be given choice in medical treatment because pharma will lose money.


And you forgot to mention the great systems we have in this country that holds you responsible for things you have no liability for and that denies you choice. Wooo Hooooo viva la Capitalism!


No one is whitewashing his transgressions here. Just showing that his domestic policies are considered far-left these days and not attainable. Must be why he was elected 4 times.


If he wouldn’t have passed suddenly then this probably would have made it into the Constitution as he was very popular.

Marxism is essentially a critique of Capitalism.


What I said most recently several times is that you support policies that seek to deny people choice. Much different than actually being involved in the denial of choice.


Lying is second nature for you, isn’t it?

Starting a new thread doesn’t mean the posts from the previous ones disappear, zep.

Keep lying.


Wasn’t talking to you lol. Thanks for missing another joke at your expense though

Whereas you’re trying to hold the financial industry accountable for something they had no responsibility for. Weird.

As you continue to not work to earn enough money to go somewhere else that does let you pump that shit into your body.

Says the guy who wants single payer, that will limit patient choice


AAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD we are back to healthcare. That didn’t take long.


It never does. He’s only got like 4 tracks in his playlist wl




I don’t even mind the healthcare talk, it seems like an interesting conversation. But, can’t it be contained to that conversation? I was enjoying debating if FDR was an american hero or a dirty commie


That would be FDR.

FDR mainly farmed his antisemitism out to the State Department (which was more than happy to help – still is). They made sure nothing was done until it was far too late.


You are full of shit. I called you out for lying and misrepresenting evidence and challenged the evidence posted. This is not supporting, nor being against any policy pertaining to this subject, no matter how much you want to pretend this is the case.

I dare you to post ANY single post of mine that proves otherwise. Do it or man up and admit to lying. I’ve asked for this multiple times but you keep running away.


Kind of. The main groups being attacked were (are, although most Christians have been killed) Christians, Druze, and Yazidis. The Obama administration refused to admit Christians from the areas, even though they were specifically targeted by ethnic cleansing (mainly by ISIS).

The main immigrants to Europe from the area were (are) military aged Muslim males, prone to doing things like killing fleeing Christians on the very boats that were supposed to be taking them to safety.

So, they are more akin to anyone fleeing a crappy situation.

But, no limiting immigration from those areas is not analogous to refusing entry from Jews during WWII.

Unless you are talking about the Christians, Druze, and Yazidis.


All Zep threads eventually circle back to pharma/stem cells/capitalism.

Sometimes he spices it up with studies done on hamsters that he thinks were done on humans. Those are mostly the moments I hunt for

I’m talking about in the context that the official reason was ‘being unable to vet the incoming people’ which kinda fits in perfectly with Trump’s Muslim ban, that proceeded to enact no changes that it claimed it needed the ban for.


I noticed all of my questions went unanswered…