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F.D.R.'s 2nd Bill of Rights

Implementation of such was cut short by his passing.

Yes it’s a video. And some on here like to poke fun and claim that it is not a valid way to learn something and is cheap. So you cannot learn from a video and if that is you then read the article and/or do some digging.

“If the average citizen is guaranteed equal opportunity in the polling place, he must have equal opportunity in the market place.”

Please explain how the average citizen does not have equal opportunity in the market place. Please explain how you would guarantee equal opportunity in the market place and then please explain how that will effect the economy at least at the macro level.

“We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence.”

How do you have both economic security and economic independence?

How do you codify a right to a “useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation” without forcing industries, shops, farms, and mines to employee Americans?

Please define what is “enough” under FDR’s 2nd right “The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreations”

How do you force farm’s to employee people and allow them to “raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living”? Please define “decent living”.

“The right of every family to a decent home” Not sure where to even begin with this one.

The rest raise the same questions. “The right to adequate medical care” okay, what does that mean? An “opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health”. What does that mean? Government gym’s? Mandatory exercise? Government approved rations?

“The right to adequate protection from economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment.” Okay, we basically have that now.

“The right to ‘good’ education” Okay, define that please.

The difference between the 1st bill of rights and the 2nd is that the first restrained government action allowing for citizens to be free while the 2nd requires government intervention in the name of security.

The second bill of rights is literally the exact opposite of independence / liberty.


You just can’t help it can you?

Damn juicy bait itellyouwot


This clip adequately sums up USMCCD’s response to a Zep thread.


I thought we had decided Zep got a one thread blog?

Ah well the troll will be fed. He always is.

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At least he’s contained to PWI. It’s a shit show here anyway.

*Plus, he’ll be talking about weed and stem cells in 7 posts and the threads will be merged anyway.

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Oh, American politics. I’m staying out. But he’s still going to say I’m denying him choice even though I’m 7000 miles away.

Compared to the financial industry denying him capital in a blatantly unfair way that’s not that Looney sounding tbh.


Lol. This is why I REALLY think he is mentally ill or he’s full of shit. Normal people, even the stupid ones don’t think like this.

Eh he’s mostly just angry at the world. He coasted through life assuming the govt would safety net him like everyone else. Then he got diagnosed with an incurable disease and needs someone to blame for his woes.

People with bad luck are rarely original. They fit into like 1 of 3 buckets.


Can you imagine him arguing about training with the guys in the other sections and calling @T3hPwnisher and @bulldog9899 derelicts and screaming about them denying him choice because they won’t sign off on his 5x5 fullbody program?


I’m fairly certain I had an exchange with him in the supplements subforum one time that ended up being pretty silly.


Did beloved Democrat FDR make this speech before or after he stuck all the Americans of Japanese origin in labor camps?

And was this before or after he became aware of the Holocaust and decided to let the Jews die in Europe?


Did you ring?

For the record I am on a self imposed vowel of silents regarding the discussion of profane subject matter at the present time.



(Note: This should be clear but just to make sure I avoid offence, you are not the idiot in this dynamic)


Presiding over the internment of Japanese Americans is enough to darken his whole presidency. But saying he let the Jews die in Europe is patently false. He expedited Jewish immigration from Europe and allowed those already here to stay. Anti Semitism was prevalent in Congress at the time and prevented him from taking further measures. Furthermore, once Hitler implemented his “final solution”, Roosevelt went AGAINST the state department and convinced Allied leaders to condemn the holocaust and try anyone involved as a war criminal thereafter. He ALSO implemented the War Refugee Board, which was “the only time in American history that the US government founded a non-military government agency to save the lives of civilians being murdered by a wartime enemy.”

As I said, creating our own concentration camps for Japanese Americans is enough of a horrific decision to darken his best days, but there’s no point in spreading something false.


Ha, thanks!

Who turned the ship full of Jews away? I don’t have time to Google-fu it. But IIRC they were all killed afterward.

The economic bill of rights was/is straight Marxism. Any “right” that compels the labor of other people isn’t a right. @Zeppelin795 knows this.

I’m glad FDR didn’t get that nonsense into the Constitution. Although it doesnt really matter as both R’s and D’s are well down that path anyway. You really are a glutton for punishment @anon50325502 … derelict.

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Ironically, the same logic was used recently to justify Trump’s Muslim ban.

You’d think we’d learn how fucking stupid it is. Especially when it’s a repeat