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f$ck'd MY BACK!

Yes I’m stupid…

I injured my lowerback on goodmornings. No the weight wasn’t a ton…I just lost my arch and I didn’t notice I was going too low, i fixed it up on the last set but the harm was done by then and my lower back was slightly in pain. Being a genius I did low rep heavy load squats the next day as well which made waht was getting better…worse. It’s not that bad still I can bare it and walk I just can’t do squats…can you guys provide any input regarding lower back recovery exercises…I was doing Quattro Dynamo…and was finishing week 3…but I guess i have to stop and rest now…

any recovery info would be greatly appreciated by this retarded moron (me…)

I recently did something like this, apparently pulling a rib around T6.

I just avoided anything that hurt for about a month and started working daily on my hamstring flexibility which I decided was the most likely culprit.

Now I’m slowly working light rack pulls and box squats back into my routine and really concentrating on that arch. I’ll continue to avoid full deads or good mornings for a while yet.

Alternate heating and ice. Take some advil to reduce swelling, but not too much.


Trust me when I say that you will be much happier having sat around for a week that to have an ongoing chronic back strain.

Ian King just wrote an article on this topic a couple of weeks ago. Read.

I am takin some time off …i will prolly hit the gym the weekend agian but avoid lowerback and leg workout for a while…i guess ill just focus on upper back…DAMMIT…and my legs r puny…!

When your back recovers, throw in SLDL. Start with low weight, and SLOWLY build up. According to the SAID principle, this should prevent back injuries from accidentally rounding a little on some other exercises.

When I say SLDL, i mean STRAIGHT legged, not stiff.

Heat and ice will work at this point 24-72 hours after. Find some ART and see how they do with that.

I agree; heat and ice are the key. Also find yourself a good chiropractor who also does ART.

I threw out my back once, and when I went back into the gym, I started off with hyperextensions (EASY ones) just to get my back muscles working again. Don’t push it too hard, and stop immediately if you start to feel pain. I then progressed to a steady diet of sumo deadlifts (I have really long legs, so they hit me in the lower back). This regimen worked really well for me. Again, just listen to your body and make sure you don’t push it too hard, or you’ll wind up right back where you started. Hope this helps.

I did a doozy not too long ago, Heres what happened. I exhaled a bit on the bottom of a squat, and lost my bracing.Acutely dislocated my L6 vertebra.It popped back into place but the nerves were very irritated.The spasms locked up all the muscles on my right side.My friend(an ART practitioner/m.d.)loosened up some of the surrounding muscles and imediately connected me to an electro-stimulator.
I followed that up with ice for the first 3 days and 5mg. valium to reduce spasming.Also very light stretching to preserve some range of motion.Currently lifting at high rep and low weight on deads and squats, but the strength is returning quickly, I’m slowly upping the intensity,range of motion is normal and the pain is completely gone. I hope you find a few nuggets in there that you can use.