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Is the life of simplicity killing us??? I mean really is it?

But you know what, maybe that is ok. Look at the current level of obesity in America. I hear constant excuses about how it is not there fault, they can?t lose fat, it is genetic, and the list goes on and on. We walk into a supermarket and you honestly have to look hard as hell to find healthy food to eat. Would a weak or lazy person do this, I think not Jeffery.

What about the amount of time that it honestly takes to cook and prepare healthy meals, why would anyone want to do that when you can go to McDonalds and get a heart attack in a bag in under 2 min.!!! And if you spill the hot coffee, a beverage which has been served hot for the past few decades, which is labeled hot, you can sue and be rich. YES!!!!!

I am deployed and even at my chow hall or at the P.X. it is hard as hell to eat healthy. We have a whole isle, both sides, dedicated to fat food, but yet we have about a 1Ft. area with healthy food, protein bars, all natural bars, peanut butter.

Once again this does not bother me anymore, it used to but not anymore. I see people who would rather sleep in or watch a movie than go do cardio in the morning, god forbid ANOTHER workout in the evening! What 30 sec rest intervals, supersets!!!! All you are going to do is hurt yourself, my god they say. Why do you want to eat every 3 hours, isn?t that a pain. Yes it is a pain, but I like it that way. This is the way of a T-Nationer.

Go ahead and give me weird looks when I get 3 scoops of scrambled eggs, a banana, and a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, when I carry a box of protein bars and creatine from the P.X., give me those weird looks when I have a dedicated spot in my ruck sack for shakes and protein bars. If I am doing something different than you, I must be right.

Go ahead and eat your bacon, biscuit and gravy, and donut breakfast, say that creatine will kill me, (didn?t you fellow T-Nationers read that article or see that on the news,) I?ll eat my protein bars while you have a pizza, then I will pass you on the road march, or meet you at the top of the Mountain we are setting an op on, carrying my ruck AND my aid bag. You can have your simplicity.

Look at how many crappy workout gadgets have been bought, 8 minute abs, the ski slide thing, the numerous ab crunchers?.. We even might have fallen prey, 8- minute abs; see these results in only 60 days!!! Even I bought a crap home gym before I knew what I was doing, why, because it was simple. I could simply work out at home; I could work out EVERY BODY PART on it!!! Simply great, now it is a simply great playground for my child as he swings from my lat pulldown/bench/deadlift, bar.

Why would we want to go to the gym, it is much simply to buy Pilates or some other video and do it at home, it must work, lose 20 lbs in 2 months, who wouldn?t want it, it is easy!!!! I think most of America forgot about a little thing called running!!! Maybe I should make a running video and sell it to the world!! Write a book called get off your ass, eat right, go workout, and you will see results. Think it would sell?? Has a nice ring to it I think.

When did this all begin? To me it is all survival of the fittest. If you were a caveman and you spend hours sharpening your spear or practicing killing, do you think you got ?weird? looks from the other caveman. HELL NO, because they knew that m.f. would probably kill an animal and feed his family.

Do you think that the simple caveman who sat around all day would survive when he left the cave to take a dump and ran into a pre-historic animal? What about the lion who as a cub doesn?t practice the art of hunting? What about the poor people who I constantly see buying lotto tickets, I mean the best to everyone who buys the golden path to fortune, it seems that some people do it for a living though!!!

Why get a job, filling out resumes, applications, going to work, having to work, having to deal with a boss, co-workers?..why do all those? I could be a millionaire, welfare life isn?t too bad, I love buying milk with stamps, now there are people who honestly need help, but there are also people who abuse it, why, cause it is easy, Down with the easy.

We have all heard it said so many times that if it comes to easy it will most likely not last. And it is true so many times. Yet I constantly see people fall prey to it. I am banging my head up against the wall, why, why, why,????? Once again however this is ok to me now.

Even common manners seem to be too hard for people to do anymore. A simple hi, bye, have a nice day to a stranger, opening the door for the person behind you, no matter who they are, letting someone merge in front of you who missed the road construction sign.

Testosterone Knight. It is to easy to simply walk around being a dick, being rude, that is the ?norm? now, and well we are not the ?norm.? Because it is the line between doing something the simple way being lazy, and living life knowing that you gave it your all. We fellow T-Nationer?s are all on the second I hope. It doesn?t matter whether it is in the gym, at the grocery store, walking to the store, being surrounded by Crazy Christmas shoppers, answering the questions of a newbie (so simple to walk away), confronted by someone who is being a dick, playing with your children, out on missions, at your daily job??the list goes on and on.

I challenge myself and the rest of you T-Nationer?s to not fall into the life of simple, try the challenge, and feel good about it. Take the challenge and conquer it! We already challenge ourselves everyday in the gym, every meal, I say we try to take our will and love for challenge to the world. So many things in the world can be simple, they face no consequences, no dedication, no future ties, sounds boring!!!!!!

COME ON!!!! Smile when you check out at the superstore with a cart of 10 dozen eggs, 20 chicken breasts, bottles of fish oil, flax seed, vitamins, water, protein bars??


Preachin to the choir...

You know what though...let the sheeple continue to do the same old routine, or none at all. It's worked for them this long right? I will be 30 this coming year, I'm stronger right now(and still increasing) than I was 10 years ago, actually I'm in better condition all around than back then.

I hate to sound like I'm bragging, but I busted my ass to get where I am, both physically and professionally. I have the body I always wanted(exception: I would like to drop a few %BF), and it's great. I love the looks I see from women at my church, when they look at me in the shape I am in and then look at their skinny-fat or spare-tire husband, and you can see them thinking 'Get off your ass!' I know that sounded arrogant, and I'm really not an arrogant man, but that's what I see. My wife has had friends tell her how lucky I am to be built like this, only for her to tell them, NO, he's not lucky, he earned every ounce of muscle he is carrying.

Okay, off my soapbox.

dastang, do a search for 'Merry Christmas, Bob', it echoes exactly the type of stuff your talking about.


Great post. Sorry, I got caught up in this, though. "Sew and be rich." Has a nice ring to it, might be a book in that. A nice pic of a granny sewing, amongst a big pile of money?

\|/ 3Toes


I think you expect too much of the average Joe and Jane.

Yeah, Im all for personal high expectations. But its just that. Personal. Once I accepted that everyone writes his own ticket, and that includes choosing in favor of the easy & pleasurable short-term choice over the healthier, more painful long-term alternative for 80%+ of the population as a fact of life, my urges to step up on the soapbox virtually dissapeared.

You should be glad you are different than the crowd. At least you won`t finish like them.

As for suing for nothings, blame past generations. I see it as a sign of a mature society. Russians do not have this luxury. Neither does 80%+ of the world. I guess this is the price to pay for societal progress ... another set of problems to replace the old ones.

Were arguing about steak vs filet mignon where the poor overseas chap is just happy to have any kind of meat. My feeling is that our ancestors would not be too happy about howbitchy` we became as a result of the progresses made possible by past sacrifices.

I seriously wonder what is the use of comparing ourselves to others, though, since most of the time we cant even influence local issues. The day courts or pollsters care about my opinion, maybe then Ill hope to have some influence over collective past choices. Til then, Ill be the best role model I can to those I care about. And live by the rules of the game of where I happen to stay.


I like it!!1 Good thinking! I can see the cover now!


Very well wrote, I belive that every generation truely has it better than the last. Being in the military I look at this alot in times of war. The way we fight war now is alot different and we do not go through near the pains that say soldiers in WW2 went through.


very good job on all you have accomplished and continue to! And dont worry about the soapbox thing, On of my old old drill sergeants asked me one time what the difference was between confidence and cockiness was? You can back up confidence he said =*)
Here is the link for Merry Chrstmas Bob, another damn good article by CS!!!!