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EZ Guide to Sprinting - Question



I have some questions linked to this article http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/an_ez_guide_to_sprinting

I know that we can "discuss" about it but the last message before mine was in january.....

What is the best moment to do sprints ?

  • the morning at an empty stomach ?
  • after my gym session ? (after chest/legs/shoulders or back ?)
  • during a rest-day ?

Linked to the article, what do we have to do after week 3 ?



You can do it any time you want. Just try them all, and see which one you like best. I personally don't like sprints on an empty stomach.


Oldie but goodie.

You repeat after week three.


Thanks you for this article ! I readen it and I will do it again to understand well.

So you says that after week 3 - Training 2 i repeat with week 1 training ? And I will constantly make progress ?

I have some questions dedicated to sprint but I didn't find answer on french forums... Maybe that you can help me :

  • I want do to the things correctly so I will buy spike shoes. For my level/utilisation, you think that the Nike Zoom Rival S7 are good ?

  • Dumb question but do we need socks with these shoes ?



I wouldn't be concerned with spiked shoes. Get some good running shoes.


Yes. Just like a weightlifting program, in this case you better your time.

You are not there for spike shoes....

if you find yourself really enjoying it, just get a coach or join a club dedicated to sprinting.


Ok thanks you :slight_smile: