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EZ-Bar Weight

Hey, this has probably been addressed before and I checked the search engine… nothing really popped out though. Just a quick question… exactly how much do EZ-Bars weigh? Are there different sizes? I tried comparing with a dumbbell in the other hand and I’m guessing around 20 pounds… thanks guys for any help.

Standard EZ bars are 10-15 lbs. Olympic EZ bars are 15-20 lbs. Bathroom scale??

I weighed my olympic EZ bar on a calibrated scale in our lab and it came out to be 17.3 lbs. When keeping track of weights I lift, I call it 15 lbs and don’t stress about the extra 2.3 in my training logs.

Most of them are 17 lbs.

Why don’t you just weigh it yourself?

if you always use the same one or same kind what difference does it make?