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EZ Bar Rows w/ Underhand Grip?



I recently started focusing more on my back thickness and made some drastic changes in my routine. Recently I executed bent-over barbell rows with EZ bar and underhand grip and really felt the tension in my lower lats and middle back.

Can anyone here enlighten me on any disadvantages/advantages of doing the exercise this way??

Thanx in advance , and really appreciate any input.


I have done them and find them to be a good alternative to using the long bar. The shorter bar makes it feel closer to you and more stable. As far as I know there is no advantage or disadvantage, its just a variation that gives you a chance to hit the back with some variation.

My partner does prefer to do them this way, he finds them more comfortable. I like to use both bars.


I've learned that the only way to know is by trying it your self.

If you feel they are working the muscles you intent to hit then why do you need anyone to tell you to/not to do them? The most important thing in any movement you do is keeping good form and trying to progress in weight and/or reps over time.



Thanx everybody,

I know that I feel my back muscles when I hit them, i actually find that this way hits them the most.

What i wanted to know was if it places any unnecessary risks on joints etc, since im still recovering from a bad shoulder.

FYI i don't feel any pain or strain when doing them.

BTW do any of u guys think that making ur lower lats grow distracts from the purpose of achieving a V-Taper??


I prefer EZ rows to BB rows.
Less strain on the wrist => higher loads.


Not so long as your upper back/shoulders are still wider than your waist.

I actually used to do this exercise, but lately have been putting the cambered bar attachment on the low cable station, and duplicating the movement this way. It actually places less stress on the lower back, and you can get a really strong peak contraction this way. Oh, and before anyone whines about being limited by the weight stack, you can pin a plate to the front as well as to the back of it! (I've gotten some interesting stares doing this though -lol)



On a related note I used to do shrugs this way. I hate shrugs and never feel them, but the EZ bar variation got me the closest to something resembling a good trap workout.


Sometimes I am the dumbest person on earth.

That is so simple, yet the smartest thing I've read here all week.


Yup, that's exactly what I felt, I can lift a lot more without any stress on my wrist ,plus i can totally feel the pressure on my lower lats.


What angle do u bend for doing this , I prefer to bend at 45 to 60 degrees and keep my knees bent as well.




Ive been doing bb rows with an underhand grip for a long time. They seem to hit my lower lats better than with an overhand grip. This may also be because it seems more natural to pull underhand toward your belly, and overhand a little higher (thus working the muscles higher in your back.)

Ive always been able to pull a little heavier with an underhand grip as well.

The plate off the weight stack trick has been a neccesity ever since joining an Anytime Fitness. The only cable machine we have goes up to 130lbs. Tricep pressdowns, standing rows, pulldowns etc. The 45 doesnt fit but the 35 and down work great. If u want to go up even more. Borrow the little weights that go on top of the plates from other machines.


I usually take a similarly angled stance, although on occasions, after doing rope straight arm pressdowns immediately before, I like to step further back from the stack, bend a little more dramatically forward, and really feel more of the contraction in my lower lats (can't always do the same weight with the method, but damn does it feel different!)