Ez Bar Curls

how often and how much weight should I increase when i;m curling using the ez-bar.Right now I’m doing 70lbs.

Increase the weight when you get stronger…


Depends on how many times your repping with 70lbs.

Some say work up to 12 or 15 reps then add weight and drop down to 5-8 reps. Keep adding reps each workout till your back at 12-15 (depending on person) and add more weight…

Some say screw rep counts and add more weight every 2 weeks.

Find the one that works best for you, but i’d plan on being able to do at least 5-8 reps of whatever weight you move up to.

I’d say if you are hitting eight solid reps with 70 then add five to ten pounds. You may only get three to four reps, but work on it till you get eight reps and again add weight. Very complicated stuff. I wouldn’t bother with the twelve to fifteen rep range.


[quote]fitness_metro wrote:
how often and how much weight should I increase when i;m curling using the ez-bar.Right now I’m doing 70lbs.[/quote]

If you choose a rep range say from 8 - 12 reps or 4 - 9 reps… then set a weight you can achieve the lowest amount of reps, then build up your strength endurance until you can achieve the higher of the 2 numbers in the range… then increase by a little, maybe 2lbs if you can, maybe 5lbs.

This also takes care of volume cycling too… easy.


I shoot for a 10lb increase every month on preacher curls.

I usually pick a certain number of reps for a given exercise depending on my goals at the time (5, 10, whatever) and choose a weight that just (or almost) allows me to complete the desired rep number. When I can do it easily with good form for a couple of workouts I’ll add weight. Shoot for something like 10% or less for your poundage increases. As long as you’re progressing (poundages or reps or both) all is well. I agree that anything over 12 reps is probably overkill for any arm isolation training, but it may not apply to your situation (goals, genetics, whatever).

Just keep piling on the weight. The smaller the increment, the less noticeable the difference will feel to your muscles. The when to add is more of a “feeling” than a set time amount. Hopefully, you’re doing more than curls in the gym as well. :wink:

I always slowly increase the weight everytime and for every lift that I do. Once you reach your max’s you can start doing negatives and drop sets and change grips and angles to bust through those max’s.


[quote]mr popular wrote:
Increase the weight when you get stronger…


LOL…my thoughts exactly.


I go by feel for most if not all of my workouts. Some days i’m stronger, some days i’m weaker. I remember reading an article by TC about how he was “batting 1000” in his workout as he was taking a log stating how he stayed the same or improved weight on every workout. I set a number of sets and reps. If you’ve done this and 70 comes ez one of these days, bump it 5-10lbs. If you bump it 10 and find you can’t get your reps then go with 5 and find the happy medium. Next time you train the muscle start out with that “happy medium” and go from there. Some days you may go in and 70 feels heavy and may have to drop to 65. These days suck, but hey what can you do life’s a b*itch sometimes. lol
hope that helps