Eyes Wide Open

I am not new to the work out world… I have worked out on and off over the past few years. Nothing too serious. Now I find myself wanting more. I am thrilled to find such a wealth of information regarding working out.

For the first time I am holding myself responsible for acquiring and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. I want to step up the level of commitment that I have been expecting of myself.

A little about myself… I am a 42 year old female, 5’7" and I weigh on average 115 pounds, that is in relatively good shape. I will be posting some pictures in the near future (that is part of my commitment).

I do know that to achieve a great body, a woman is to lift like a man (yes I picked up the book lift like a man, look like a goddess)

Right now I feel like I have no real direction, a little lost, but at least I’m on the right path…

Thanks for reading my endless rambling…and I look forward to any input

Yay! A fellow Albertan!

Can’t wait for more!

Thanks jchenky! nice to “meet” you. I have been working out steady for an hour a day since December the 3rd, 2008 and I am totally liking the results that I have been getting. I have incorporated lots of squats, push ups etc… basically using my own body as my weights… I have started to add in free weights (not heavy as of yet to make sure I am getting the right form)…

I know that I am making progress because when I started I could not do many push ups… now I can! But the best way that I know that I am making progress is all of the compliments that I am getting from others…(it is nice when other women that I don’t know are asking me how long have I been working out? what a nice motivator!)

I am now ready for the next part…the adding weights, and the proper nutrition. This morning I had my hot cereal (Red River) with soy beverage and fruit…I even bought whey protein powder… not too sure when to have that… meaning before my hot cereal or after as a snack? I have started to have tea and I am making sure that I am increasing my water…(more naturally… so it doesn’t become a chore)

that’s about it for now… I will be writing down my workout routine and my dietry habbits next… I will be needing help there! lol

[quote]jchenky wrote:
Yay! A fellow Albertan!

Can’t wait for more![/quote]

And another Canadian to boot :wink: