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Eyes Dilating After Training?


I've noticed recently, after my last few leg days especially, that my eyes are really dilated after I finish up and go home. My vision isn't impaired after training, although it sure as hell gets foggy towards the end of 20RM back squat sets.

Is this normal?


Maybe the rush of endorphins are making your eyes dilate? haha i dont know, i am going to look at my eyes after i lift next time though.


Don't take speed and/or X before lifting.


It happens to me each time I squat


My eyes don't exactly dilate, but I feel kinda woozy after a good set of squats. Not today though, but before that happened a lot.


Yeah, and I think during training your body releases a chemical that dilates your blood vessels.


Yep, its just epinepherine release. Vasodilation to increase blood flow to the skeletal muscles, bronchodilation to allow for better ventilation, pupil dilation to allow for your body to take in more visual information.


Something worse happened to me years ago when I first started working out. I was with a trainer, and halfway through the workout I went blind. Literally blind, couldn't see a thing, although I could feel my eyes were open.

The trainer took me over to a wall and I leaned back against it, until after a few minutes my vision returned. I still don't know what caused it, and haven't had any issues since then. Has anyone experienced anything like this?


I believe my heavy lifting and increased intra-occular pressure occuring as a result caused a case of really painful iritis I had a few months back. I lost the vision in my left eye for a few weeks and it's still only at around 85%. Everything just appears slightly darker and I can't see as well out of it in the dark.