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Eyegainweightbig's Journey to Being a Beast


I decided to keep a training log so people can critique and I can know I am on track.
I am 6'4" 234 pounds (during the day, with clothes and water weight)

My goals: To GAIN MUSCLE! Plain and simple. I wanna look like a tall muscular motherfucker.

Todays workout 8/16


cgbp 165 11
ez bar curls 32.5 each side-9
dead stop lying ez bar tri extensions-30 each side- 7
db curls-45s 6,4
seated db overhead tr extensions- 35s 3 times on right, 5 times on left(weird?) 30s 8 times
db hammer curls- 45s 6, 40s 3


Bend over.......POP! goes your cherry :wink: Welcome to the trenches...


I have started to incorporate rules from the Mountain Dog Diet into my diet, and after realizing in another thread that hamburger helper has bad carbs, I cleaned up my diet a little.

Today I ate:

woke up, SHAKE: whey, serving of oats, natural pb, banana

two hours later worked out.

G2 low cal GATORADE post workout

chicken (coated with Shake n Bake-kinda like bread crumbs) with 3 eggs, cup 2 percent milk, random frozen veggies i microwaved

shake: WHEY+ OATS. two tbsp extra virgin olive oil.

Same meal as before (shake n bake chicken, 3 eggs, milk, veggies)

before bed: shake: Whey, oats, 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

...looking good? Not sure how many cals it is Ill start counting tomorrow or the next day when i get a food scale


How does that look? I have most carbs when i wake up and post workout, definitely better than hamburger helper 4 times a day and three bananas a day right?




Just had some rotisserie chicken (not fried)

I am nervous about starting cardio. I keep thinking I am going to lose muscle. Any tips so I can be reassured? Thinking about doing it 3 times a week, jogging for half hour


todays diet:

woke up, whey+oats+yogurt

chicken breast, milk



hour later: chicken breast, three eggs, milk, veggies

whey+oats+banana+natural pb

a small small serving of steak (it kinda sucked so I threw the rest out) with yogurt

chicken+ two eggs

whey+oats+olive oil shot before bed