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EyeDentist, How Do You Train?


I have become a lower volume/high frequency guy after reading much of CT’s stuff. Much tougher during the season to get up at 4:45 for 6 days a week. Will probably go with a 3 day a week full-body program and hopefully do some incline walking on the treadmill at least 2 days a week. I really am taking a liking to the focus on lateral delts and going for the “Power Look” as CT likes to refer to.

Some shoulder pain (due to throwing like 390 innings in college) on certain exercises gets in the way. I have found success with doing neutral grip DB shoulder press but lateral raises are sometimes difficult. I like the idea of the partial range raises, especially the top portion to get going. Thanks for the help.


During a fat-loss phase, I would recommend going low carb (as in, incidental carbs only) on non-lifting days. Would do the PB thing in the morning and throughout the day, then switching to lean protein+low-carb veggies in the afternoon/evening. Also, coffee. Lots of coffee.

As for difficulty with lateral raises, I’m right there with you. I have developed impingement syndrome in both shoulders, likely in large part from less-than-ideal form on the kajillion laterals raises I’ve done over the years. As a result, I can no longer do them. Only very late in the game did I come to find out that the form I was taught back in the day by the gym-bros (lifting straight out to the sides, hands in a ‘pouring water from a pitcher’ position) is a set-up for developing impingement. Would suggest you do what I wish I’d done 30 years ago–which is, educate yourself regarding the biomechanics of the lateral-raise movement in order to develop a motion that won’t further aggravate your already-aggravated shoulders.


This is intriguing. What do you think now is a safer version?


I think this guy does a good job explaining the fundamental problem, and offers one (but by no means the only) alternative:


Thank you!


Great resource, thanks.


How much weight are you guys using on lateral raises?

I feel like I get what I need out of them using 10-15lb and a no-momentum, ROM controlled rep (middle third-ish) these days in the 10-20 rep range.


10 pounds, lol, 4x12.


I actually saw video of some great examples (think it was Joel Seedman). He has guys do them with hex dumbells and hold them on the end or use plates with a pinch grip. Can’t really use momentum that way. He also has guys do them on 1 leg so you can’t cheat.


Bump thread. Eyedentist, can you update us with your current training regimen? This is one of the best threads in this forum and I would like to see how your training has evolved.


Hey dereks, thanks for the bump! I wish I could say things are going smoothly, but I’m currently struggling on a couple of fronts. In terms of body composition, I under-ate (or more likely, failed to take enough carb-ups) and over-cardio’d for too long, with the result being that I am now in the midst of a fairly significant metabolic slowdown. (My BMR seems to be roughly 9 cals/lb/d at the moment.) After researching the subject, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the only way out of the hole I’ve dug is to exercise less (I was doing 3-5 hours of LISS 3-4x/week, and 1-2 hours/d on the other days) and eat more. The result is that I’m a little softer than I’d like to be. Very frustrating, but it is what it is.

As for training, I’m still working around my hinky shoulders, but they are holding up ok at the moment. <Knocks on wood furiously.> Since I’m doing less cardio now, I’ve decided to train more like a bodybuilder–more sets, heavier weights, longer rest periods. In that regard, it so happens I got @The_Mighty_Stu to write a program for me last fall that prioritizes delts (my training obsession) and allows me to work around my injuries. Thus, once I decided to ‘become a BBer again,’ I dusted off Stu’s program and re-implemented it. It’s only been a week, but so far, so good.



I’m probably slow, but this sounds a little like powerlifting, with the exception of more sets. Shouldn’t it be lighter weights and shorter rest periods, adding weight each week, for BBing?


It’s all relative. When I say I need to do ‘more sets, heavier weights, and longer rest periods’ in order to train like a BBer, I mean in comparison to what I was doing previously.


I only question for clarification and to inform myself. I would very much like to look as good as you.



Thanks man. It was a good question in response to what was an ambiguous (at best) statement on my part.


I hope you keep this updated so I can follow along. It sounds like ambition got the best of you for awhile and that could be a huge lesson for us all.

I was recently reminded that rest days from lifting should actually be rest days instead of CrossFit days or MetCon days. I wasn’t recovering. Luckily I figured it out before doing any damage (just slowing my progress).


(I tried to post the relevant block of my Excel training log, but it was too small to be legible. Anyone have a tip regarding how to circumvent this problem?)

Funny you mention that. I have been ‘proudly’ training daily (weights and/or cardio) with no planned days off for years. Part of this stemmed from being a little OCD, and part from my fat phobia–the thinking being that days off represent a lost opportunity to burn calories, or worse, an opportunity for calories to find their way into fat cells. Lord only knows what effect all this nonstop training has been having on my cortisol levels. One of the changes I’ve made is to force myself to take one day off/week.


I recently changed my focus to 90% strength (while maintaining physique, of course) and it helped me realize that I was wearing myself out. Strength sessions were horrible. Mondays were great, Tuesdays weren’t bad, Wednesdays I could start to feel it, and then by Thursday I was weak. I’ve even noticed that if I do bench the day after deadlifts then my session is much worse than if I take Tuesday off and bench on Wednesday.

I’ve also increased my conditioning/cardio lately so I’d play basketball or do MetCon on non-lifting days…and sometimes after lifting. It’s easy to get carried away.

I open my Excel book and zoom in or out on the workbook so that what I want to show everyone is nice and legible, then I take a screen shot (on my PC at least). The Prnt Scrn button is usually in the upper right of the keyboard. You might have to hit the function or Alt key + Prnt Scrn. After that I open Paint, and paste the image. Then I move it around and crop it to what I want and save it as a picture. I upload the picture here.


Core/Conditioning/Cycling days consisted of 3-5 hours on the stationary bike (not all at once!), plus 10 rounds of crunches x 100 alternated as quickly as possible with BW hyperextensions x 20.

The Lifting sessions were light (25-35 reps/set), with short rest periods (eg, I would alternate antagonistic muscle-group exercises as quickly as possible), and relatively low volume (8-12 sets per bodypart).

In addition to lifting, on Lifting days I would ride the bike for 1-2 hours. Thus, I rode the bike 1-5 hours every single day.



Holy crap… I just spent my entire lunch break reading though this thread without realizing it. Time very well spent! I want to echo others’ sentiments and express my sincere thanks for your contribution.

I have 3 questions I’d love to get your perspective on.

  1. How would you adjust your carb intake if you worked out in the mornings rather than in the afternoons?

  2. How would you adjust your workouts if you simultaneously wanted to get stronger?

  3. I find my sleep quality suffers when my carb intake dips too low. Does that happen to you on low carb days? If so, how do you work around it? While on the topic, how’s your sleep in general? Do you find sleep quality affects your workouts and results?