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Eye Pain and Headache from SERMs

I’ve been on SERMs for PCT.

I started 3 days ago and on my third day of taking 50mg clomid and 40mg nolva ,(goal is to maintain this doss everyday for 2 weeks, then do 25 mg clomid and 20 mg nolva for 2 weeks as taper dose then take bloods. I had made the mistake of taking 250IU HCG on the same day I started SERMs but won’t take hcg again).

I have eye pain in both eyes, sometimes one, the pain is best described as a pressure pain where it feel like more air was pumped into my eyeball and that tension is the pain. For headache it feels like there is pressure in my head.

I have no vision issues.

I got scared and started talking 100mg of Aspirin as of today as I know both SERMs cause blood clots

What is the best course of action ?

Do I continue with the SERMs or alter things around?

Anyway to alleviate the eye pain and headache side effects ?

Can you share what type of cycle you did? It’s actually important to know this. SERMS are supposed to be used one or another not both at the same time (in most cases). If it was a mild cycle let’s say test c or e for 12 weeks I think 4 weeks is good 6 weeks if it was longer. I’m currently taking clomid and I don’t suffer from eye issues. However when I was taking a higher dose 50mg/day I got a weird reaction where my right eye was strained. I lowered the dose and was fine. Most people on here will say nova is safer and clomid is for much harsher cycles and even then there is still a debate. But the real question is what kind of cycle, how long, and did you get blood work before and do you have blood work now.

Holy fuck. I don’t know how I missed this one. Why do some beginners double up on doses of SERMs of 2 different types and then get surprised that they get negative side effects. STOP doing this you fucking dicks. Do some proper research first, get different opinions, start out conservatively with doses and go up or down according to how you respond.


Stop the clomid immediately. Just use tamoxifen aka nolvadex if 40 mg too much then reduce to 20 mg but prolong the pct time.

Okay did you use doctor scally’s method ? Because that pct method is crazy and wrong for beginners.
Just do the usual tamoxifen 40 mg daily for 2 weeks then reduce to 20 mg for 2 weeks.

I’ve done the full 6 weeks of SERMs. Clomid 50mg + Nolva 40mg for 3 weeks, then Clomid 25mg + Nolva 20mg for 3 weeks, then 1 week of 12.5mg clomid, last dose finished 6 days ago.

The cycle was simply 3 years of test cyp hrt.

The eye pain side and headache effects wore off after 2 days of beginning then after that no issues have why I did not post of this thread further.

The only real issue I have is zero libido, like I don’t even find women attractive anymore.

How long ago did you finish the PCT? Has you ball size recovered somewhat?

6 days ago of the seven week PCT which I outlined in the above post. My ball size recovered before I started PCT as I was on HCG for clearance of the test cyp