Eye of the Tiger


Click for incredible inspiration…

the webpage has nothing on it…any other links to it?


That was just goofy. Funny though.

Just awesome. LOL I always wonder about people who go around doing this kind of thing. The guy plays it totally straight, which is hilarious.

That was great.

Now someone REALLY needs to find Family Guy’s imitation of the Rocky 4 montage online.

The greatest thing i have seen in a loooooong time!

I actually laughed. I can’t remember the last time I laughed at something on my computer. Great find.

very funny
is this from Canada or France?

That was fucking funny.

Nice job.

By the plates on the cars, I’d say France.

See that guy who’s drink he stole running after him?

I like it.

[quote]DiogenestheCynic wrote:
See that guy who’s drink he stole running after him?[/quote]

that was the best part. laughed my arse off.