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Eye is Healed, Time to Get Back at It. Competition March 2nd

So my eye is healed and I got cleared to lift at 100% capacity January 14th. I have been training at moderately high intensity for about 3 weeks now and no new/reoccurring issues with the eye.

With all of that said, I am back on my TRT (180 mg/wk TC and 500 IU/wk HCG) and have had no eye issues from the exogenous test either. My next competition is May 2nd. I plan to start my next blast March 3rd to give me a little over 8 weeks leading up to the competition for my blast. I have another eye appointment March 18th, and if there is any new sign of eye damage, I will drop this blast. This will be my 5th cycle/blast and have been on TRT for right at a year now. I have had a couple of thoughts in my mind:

blast 1:
210 mg/wk TC (pin EOD)
210 mg/wk NPP (Pin EOD)
50 mg/day Anadrol OR Oxandrolone starting two weeks after cycle start
500 IU/wk HCG

blast 2:
210 mg/wk TC (pin EOD)
175 mg/wk Tren A (Pin ED)
50 mg/day Anadrol OR Oxandrolone starting two weeks after cycle start
500 IU/wk HCG

I will run TUDCA, NAC and P5P with either of these cycles. I am becoming a huge fan of “make the most with the least” both from a health and cost perspective.

I understand the 1:1 ratio of nandrolone to test probably isn’t “optimal” in the eyes of most, but I would like anyone to expand on that with either anecdotal or scientific evidence if possible. As always, opinions are welcome.

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Glad to hear your eye is doing good. Have you used all of these compounds already? I’ve used nand and tren and can say tren is pretty hard on the body. I’ve never used anadrol but heard that is also rough. Used anavar numerous times and love it except I get bad back pumps sometimes.
I’m currently 2 weeks into a primo600/testc/400/deca400/proviron50mg a day cycle and feel great at that ratio. Using tbol for the first time at 60mg a day. Will use it 1st 4 weeks. Not really strong but a nice boost while waiting for everything else to get working. I’ve used deca a few times and it’s always been 1:1 or close with deca being a little higher. Never had any issues.
So to give my opinion on your selections, I would go with number 1 based off my experiences.

I have used nand and oxandrolone but never used tren or anadrol. I’m definitely looking for strength gains without size gains. recomp is fine but I can’t be putting on more weight. I compete under 231 and I’m currently 246-248. I would like to be back down to 241-242 before starting my water cut, but I’ll cut from 248 if I have to (if I add enough lean mass, but doubtful in 8 weeks). I was a lean-ish 246 (15% BF?) on my last cycle of NPP/oxandrolone/test c, but fell off when I couldn’t lift. Probably sitting around 18%BF right now, abs are just barely showing through again

I think if you keep your diet in check you can keep the weight where you want. The goal for my current cycle is a cut/recomp. Only 2 weeks in and weight has remained the same but I like what I am seeing in the mirror. Don’t have to be a specific weight so the mirror is more important. Running 250cal deficit daily and doing 30-60 min LISS daily. If you like/need to do cardio you will not on tren. When I used it i could barely do 30 min easy on an slight incline treadmill. Had to completely stop riding my bike. BP was elevated the second half of the cycle. Used ace so had to pin EOD. It got old toward the end. I’m not really sure I would use Tren again based on my lifestyle/trainig goals.

Anadrol is great for strength, but terrible for staying at a low weight. I found tbol really nice for strength. At least for me better than anavar, but my var is of suspect quality. The tren will also be better for losing weight than npp. Harsher though.

Yea that’s one thing I have to keep in mind is the “cardio” aspect of it. Strongman requires “some” cardio conditioning. But I’ve known guys that have won major shows running moderate amounts. I think 175 mg/wk (or at least I hope) will have relatively few sides

Anadrol is tough for weight loss because of water water retention, or some other reason? I don’t have a source for Tbol readily available. I think I can handle the water retention portion. In my limited experience, water retention comes from poor diet. I stay fairly clean with my diet (85%+ compliance) but when blasting I take my compliance to 95%+.

My understanding is water retention. I don’t get much myself, but some end up liking like the michelin man.

What i might do is a trial of anadrol in the beginning, to see how you handle it, but run var for the cycle. After you weigh in, pop some anadrol to really help put your water weight back on, and really feel strong. Do you get a 24 hr weigh in? You would probably need at least 100 mg in such a short time frame to have a noticable strength gain. I might take 150 mg through the day before (after weigh in), and probably that dose during the competition day. It sounds like a lot, but it’s only two days.

An aquantinance of mine reportedly downs a bottle of dbol before squats in a powerlifting meet. I have no idea on the dose, but it has to be a shit ton. I don’t recommend that at all. Works for him though as he squats over 900 lbs in the 242 class in wraps. All his squats look high to me though.

That’s an interesting take. So maybe I’ll run the anadrol for the first 2 weeks (to see how my body reacts), then run the oxandrolone for 6, then run 150 mg/day anadrol for 2 days (day of weigh in and day of comp).

Still undecided about NPP for Tren A. I already know how I react to NPP, which is mostly good. But I still want to try tren at some point and I think this may be a good time to do it with it being a bigger show.

So I think this will be my next blast:

210 mg/wk TC (pin EOD) - wk 1-8
175 mg/wk Tren A (Pin ED) - wk 1-8
50 mg/day Anadrol - wk 1-2
50 mg/day oxandrolone wk 3-8
Weigh in and Comp day 150 mg anadrol (assuming weeks 1-2 went well)
500 IU HCG /wk


I would just keep the var for comp day since you would have been running it up to the comp. It is good for strength too. I know it is a shit ton of orals, but a very short time frame.

At least for me, I load up on the orals on a comp day. Just don’t drink that week, and if you do after, try to limit it, and give your liver a break for awhile.

I will say that cramping can be an issue though with a lot of orals. I try to keep warm-ups in check to combat that. I’ve heard taurine can help.

Yea I’ll run TUDCA so I’ll have plenty of taurine. Also I barely even drink anymore. I’d rather run gear and not have crazy complications. Even today on SB Sunday I’ve had three drinks and that’s like 3 more than I have pretty much most weeks.

I don’t think the anavar was crazy but it may be good to just run since I already know how my body handles it. Might as well only change one compound at a time.


Ok, so here it is:

Test C 210 mg/wk pin EOD - Wk 1-8
Tren A 175 mg/wk pin ED - wk 1-8
Oxandrolone 50 mg/day (150 mg on day of weigh in and comp day.) - wk 3-8
500 IU HCG/wk

I run Anastrazole at .5 mg/wk with my TRT, but since I plan to run Tren, I think I may stop taking it unless sides become a big issue. From what I understand E2 is neuroprotective, cardioprotective and good for your joints, all of which will be important.