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Eye Care-Dry Eyes


hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on eye care products - i suffer from dry eyes and frequently wake up sore and dry in the mornings. Can anyone recommend something? anything?

I was thinking along the lines of an eye wash/bath but if anyone is in the know regarding symptoms like this i'd appeciate the imput.


Your eyes, mouth, and areas are all connected. If one part is dry, the whole system probably is. My guess is that you also wake up with a dry throat if you have dry eyes.

I suffer from that too, especially in the winter months. A good idea is a humidifier. Also something like dry mouth tooth paste helps to rid the mouth of the bacteria that can grow in there and cause dry mouth. Normal toothpaste doesnt do this. I use a stuff that kills 5 types of bacteria and seems to work well.

Hope that helps.


yeah i'll bet a humidifier would do it. did for me. i've got one made by slant fin. has a uv light in it so you aren't throwing whatever bacteria that's growing 'cause you don't clean the tank everday into the air.


Humidifier is a good idea, and the first thing to check. If that doesn't do the trick, check with either your optometrist, or doctor. There are problems that can cause dry eyes, such as allergies. My wife uses Patanol eye drops for her dry eyes due to allergies.

I assume you are getting enough omega-3 in your diet? Improving the ratio of 3 to 6 helps some people with dry eyes, and skin.

There is dry eye syndrome where the eyes doe not produce enough tears. Artificial tears is prescribed for treatment, and there is a drug, (at least one) that increases tear production. Restasis eye drops.

Visine type eye drops may be good for the short term but not good for chronic problems. Continued use will cause the benefits to diminish over time until it no longer helps. My wife learned this after she started using Visine, or some generic eye drops for an extended time.


concerning nutriton and supplements i am well up with my EFA intake.
I have not tried a humidifier though so that may be an option, as are some over the couter eye drops and washes.
Due to one or two other conditions i hardly notice it but when i do they do seem to irritate a bit. (Sounds like im falling apart - im not lol)..

Thanks for the advice - keep it coming fellas


I had a humidifier and was still having troubles. My opthamologist recommended a specific ratio of omega 3 to vitamin e. 1000 to 100. I tried it and got the ratio wrong, saw no results. When I got the ratio right, it worked just as she had said it would. It's subtle, but it made a huge difference.



Hey Supermick,

I had several eye procedures done, and have used several types of drops and goops. If you have a ceiling fan or other fan in your bedroom, it will dry your eyes out, as well as running a heater or furnace. Ciba Vision puts out a product called, "GenTeal Lubricant Eye Gel" in a little tube. i pull my lower eyelid out, and squirt a little dab of it behind the eyelid. Your eye will feel a little gooey, but your bodyheat will melt it down. I have found that this gel keeps the eye lubricated all night, and works better than drops.

If your eyes feel like they are burning due to dust or other allergens, I would use Visine-A which has an antihistamine in it. You can also use Patanol, but it is prescription, and more expensive. I also suggest a sleep-mask to keep the breeze of the fans/furnace from drying out your eyes. In addition, if your eyes feel hot and dry, an icepack, cool pack, or wet washrag over the eyes will feel great.

Take care of your eyes. I learned the hard way; -on a windy day, a plastic nametag on a lanyard blew up into my face, striking me in the left eye, and cutting through both layers of my cornea. I endured 2 seperate eye procedures, as well as all sorts of eye pain and pressure, and wearing a bandage contact lens for 8 months. -Starkdog


I get dry eyes any time I have to work long hours/ wear my contacts for too long. I went to the eye doctor, and he said that my tear ducts were blocked, and told me to use no tears shampoo on them. So far its worked nicely.
Good luck


Hey, i see your from the UK. You can pick up Otrex eye bath or drops in most chemists. (All Lyoyds and Boots will sell it) I've used it and found the Optrex range to be quite good. Since I wear contacts my eyes can get dry and sore.


yep, im giving the eye baths a go. Ill give them a trial run and report back as to how effective they might be. A process of trail and error really. If this doesnt work then maybe the humidifier/dehumidifier is the way to go.


For those that want a little more info:

Am J Clin Nutr 2005;82:887-893 has a write up on a study pertaining dry eyes and N-3 versus N-6 fatty acids in the diet.

Basic run down is you want an N-6/N-3 ratio of closer to 4/1 if you have dry eyes.


Thanks, ill look into that....